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  1. Honestly not a bad result. I had this as a loss and thought we would get outplayed based on how good ND is and how we looked first 4 games. Instead we stepped up and played by far our best game of the year so far and were dominant outside of the last 10 min. of the first half. The key going forward is going to be for the few bad minutes you play not to give up a goal as we did tonight. If this team plays like this the rest of the year it will be a great season. This same performance against Wiscy Friday nets you a victory as most teams don't have the organization playing D in the box that ND does and also don't have a Godzilla body type playing goalie. The key is going to be to bottle up this performance and continue to grow and develop chemistry and this season has every bit the potential to be as strong as the last three. I said before the game you have to contain Jack Lynn and IU made him disappear completely and the only time I heard his name was the twice the announcers said he was completely not involved in the game. Huge step forward from when the Pitt star Kizza ate our lunch in the opener and is a sign of growth from IU's young team. I will be there Friday but may post a bit from my phone as I have done in the past when attending.
  2. Well what would it be without OT for this team. Another terrific half. Endeley is going to be an absolute star before it is all said and done. The only freshman with a higher ceiling is Penn but he is probably a one and done. Basically think of Penn as Romeo and Endeley as a Yogi or Phinisee who is probably a four year player who will keep getting better and will be a great development project over that time being a bit undersized but a ton of talent. Let's see what happens in OT.
  3. We huffed and puffed and finally blew the house down. Great cross from Waever to Endeley who headed it into right corner. 1-1.
  4. Our youth bit us again. We played about the best first 35 min. of the season and had two terrific chances without giving ND any at all and dominated possession. Than in the last 10 min. ND stepped up there game and IU failed to responded which is a youth issue. I don't get how ND's D has given up so many goals. It looks absolutely terrific and talented and their goalie is a load. As I keep saying this IU team has all the talent in the world but needs to connect better on their final passes and improve chemistry which should happen as season goes on. Also once again not the best decision by Caulfield in my mind on ND goal coming out but not totally his fault either. Again didn't do anything wrong but last year Muse made an out of this world save in first half on a much harder shot. Caulfield has been better than I thought so far this year but he is not Muse (which isn't his fault) and its going to cost a few more goals probably. One more thing: Crowd's this year have been the worst ever and its not close. This is a game that usually draws 4K plus but tonight has no more than 2K it looks like on a beautiful night. Even the opener drew decently (2,800) but those opening games on a beautiful night generally have closer to 4K also. Crowds usually go down to 1-2K as season goes on so the fact that our 2 highest drawing games generally (opener, ND) drew a bit lower may not speak great for rest of season. Not sure if people are down on IU athletics in general, they don't trust this young team yet or sports attendance is way down in general (IU vs. ND attendance in South Bend was way down as well last year from past) but this is definitely a major concern that bares watching.
  5. Aaron

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    I am almost certain it is indeed blood clots as has been rumored. Cannot say that with 100% certainty but from what I heard I am reasonably sure (75-80%) that is accurate.
  6. Not going but will be watching on BTN. This is a great measuring stick. Notre Dame has had some problems defensively so far but talent wise is one of the few teams who can match IU pound for pound. I have seen ND three times in last year (twice last year and once in spring) and the guy we need to keep an eye on is Jack Lynn who is one of the elite scorers in the country. When we faced off against an elite scorer in Edward Kizza of Pit to open the season we did a terrible job containing him and he got two goals in first half. If we don't contain Lynn better we are not coming back as Notre Dame will not give up three unanswered goals. Got to contain Lynn and hopefully a few games of experience will allow that. Other elite Notre Dame players to watch are Mohammed Omar, Ian Aschieris and Aiden McFadden. With our roster last year we beat them twice but ND was one of the few teams to hang with us in both games. It took an OT goal in regular season that had a possible offside penalty not called and then a Panchot goal that was close to offside in NCAA Tourney (and now we have VAR starting this year so any goal will only count if we are onside). In the spring we looked completely over matched but that was before Penn, Morris and all the elite freshman were here so that is not a great omen. To sum up I have no idea what to expect but this is maybe the best team IU will face all year and will tell us how close IU is to being a top team again.
  7. Aaron

    College Football Thread

    LOL Sparty. That was pretty bad.
  8. Aaron

    IU Volleyball

    Huge and signature win of the Aird era so far against a rival. Still not sure yet how good of a coach he is or if program will succeed under him but this is a great step forward.
  9. As bad as this was for us, Illinois and Maryland had bigger embarrassments as Illini lost to Eastern Michigan at home and everyone's early darling Maryland lost at Temple. Very IU like what Maryland did having a high moment against a good Syracuse team then lay an absolute egg with their hyped offense against a mediocre team.
  10. Not sure we see Penix for a bit from what I am hearing. Hope I am wrong. With that said will probably beat UConn and lose to MSU regardless of who QB's. Hopefully Penix back after bye which is when that will make a difference.
  11. Maryland? We have beaten them a few times and they look bad today against a mediocre Temple team.
  12. SIlver lining today: Maryland has come back to earth today so maybe that game will be winnable after all.
  13. Here's the thing fair or not: IU is ultimately driven by basketball. If Archie succeeds and Allen fails everyone will be happy and everything will be good. If Allen succeeds and Archie fails people will still only be happy to a point. Glass' tenure will ultimately be judged by the success or failure of Archie. With that said doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't try to be competitive in football.
  14. People who I know who are closer to the athletic department then I am think Archie will be right guy and Allen is a joke. Not sure who is right yet and its all a big guess but that's how a lot of people I know feel.