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  1. I am traveling missed the game and was not even thinking about it so that is why you saw nothing from me like usual. Looks like we took care of business.
  2. Aaron

    User name

    Mine is easy: My Name. LOL
  3. Aaron

    Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards

    PM me if you want to know what I am talking about. I promise you its nothing big.
  4. Aaron

    Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards

    Nothing big. See the PM I sent you. Sorry if I gave you wrong idea.
  5. Aaron

    Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards

    Bryant was back last night in Indiana and was terrific with 20 points and 11 rebounds and is really doing well in NBA. The Wizards are not very good however and got blown out by the Pacers. PM me if you want further details from last night.
  6. Aaron

    Penix and Ramsey, a perspective

    Glad we have Ramsey and DeBoer who knows how to use him so still gives ourselves a chance. With that said we need to not be content with the QB situation once Ramsey leaves. Penix seems to be made of glass and while thats a serious injury his body is clearly injury prone as that hit really shouldn’t tear up your shoulder and is a hit players take all the time. Not his fault but Penix’s body does not hold up well.
  7. Aaron

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Agreed. Need to sign a kicker in the offseason and Vinny retire but right now anyone off the street would be worse.
  8. We should def be the favorite. We will almost definitely lose Penn to the pro's (and I have some insider knowledge on this that it will most likely occur) probably Morris and maybe Maher (although his brother coming in as a recruit may entice him to stay one more year) but a returning core with the other freshman of Bezerra, Endeley, Bebej, Celantano and Goumballe back and a year older and guys like Glass, Munie, Black, Palo and Schmidt back we should absolutely be the favorites. The only guys we lose as seniors are Kleyn and Caulfield who were benched earlier this year for bad play, Ahlinvi who's been injured 3/4 of the time and Waever who is the only regular contributor. Unlike this year we should return the majority of the team and be in position again with lofty expectations.
  9. Hopefully that happens. Last I heard this was a go for after the season but there have been a lot of contractor issues. This is something though I can easily get an update on once the season ends and will let you know what I hear and where this is at. Glad we got the new playing surface in the off-season which is a 100 times better then the old one.
  10. Sorry saw the whole the game but was trying to do 100 other things so posting was not on my mind. Like I said MSU is a lot tougher and more talented and we prevailed with the PK as mentioned above. MSU has a really good defense and is not easy to score on but their finishing leaves a lot to be desired which is why they lost so many close games this year. Every attack they tried in the second half to equalize broke down without a great attempt which sums up their season. I will continue to say that recruiting rankings matter and when you recruit top classes as we have last four years you can turn things over with little fanfare. The reason we have gone back to the glory days of the 90's last four years is because Yeagley finally put his player development and in game coaching which are top notch with terrific recruiting which lacked his first 6 years (they were not bad classes but they were decent and not elite). I kind of wonder if Yeagley was trying to get less involved with the one and dones like Penn and Morris but realized you must do it if you want to win big. I hate comparing Yeagley to Coach K because the former is a class act and the latter is a snake but if you remember Coach K held off on one and dones for a while but then made a deal with the devil and is top notch again. Now soccer recruiting is no where near as dirty and no money changes hands nor are there bribes but its quite possible and even probable that Yeagley held off on top talent in favor of less talented 4 year guys only to realize they are a necessary evil. You can still have your 4 yr development projects but mixing these 5 star 1-2 year recruits has made all the difference in the world and IU soccer is finally back to what is expected and should be here to stay if we keep moving through top talent as we are now. As for the Big Ten Tournament we get the winner of Rutgers and OSU so fortunately unless we do something wrong we are finally facing leaky defenses in this round and should win easily. Nice change after 3 years of park the bus central against NW and PSU who posses good D's and bad offenses and required late winners each year. Also amazing how NW and especially PSU are doing much better by getting forwards and actually attacking a bit. I think like Yeagley those teams' coaches have had light bulb moments and realized doing nothing but parking the bus gets you nowhere. Assuming we trash the garbage in the first found that is Rutgers or OSU we would face the winner of NW-Maryland. Fortunately that game is in Evanston so maybe NW has a chance as getting Maryland in College Park is less than ideal. I do like either Michigan or PSU if we make finals as both those teams are solid but not terrific at anything and they posses good but not great talent. We do need to win the Big Ten Tourney probably (or at least get to finals) if we want to be guaranteed two home games instead of just one in NCAA tournament (we have a top 16 seed locked up baring a collapse to OSU or Rutgers who have to play each other day before they play us). For those asking I would be stunned if we get to a top 4 seed and guaranteed home games all the way to college cup regardless of what we do. This year's coaching job has been Yeagley's finest hour with the whole roster changing over but bringing in the top tier freshman gave us a chance and this team grew up before our eyes as the year went on for a terrific regular season.
  11. Funchess landed really hard on his shoulder though. That's a hit that can break a bone and I though it might of when he fell in the end zone trying to make a catch. Penix did not take hit that should of broken a collarbone period. I would agree it may of happened without much fan fair like Funchess but the difference is the hits you're taking. I will say again no hit Penix took last night should of broken a collarbone. I broke my collarbone years ago so I know what it feels like and kind of how much contact it takes to do it. I am not a doctor but if any hit last night broke a bone then we really need to think about a new QB when Ramsey graduates. I am not mad at Penix and it is not his fault he is injury prone but if the hits he is taking are causing these injuries either he has a hard time dealing with pain as I said I heard earlier or he is just to fragile to play football. I have seen a lot of promising careers ruined by injury because a player is injury prone.
  12. This is important and tells me what I kind of thought: https://www.ncaa.com/news/soccer-men/article/2019-11-01/georgetown-tops-di-mens-soccer-committees-top-16-reveal This is the committees official seedings for NCAA tourney as of today and right now we are the 10 seed. A 10 seed only guarantees you one home game so really need to do some damage in Big Ten Tourney and at least make finals to get a top 8 so we can guarantee two home games. Not going to get a top 4 regardless I don't think. Would love to move up to an 8 with SMU the 9 as they look a bit like a paper tiger. St Johns and UCF also look less strong to me and would not mind a match up. The top 5 of Georgetown, UVA Washington, Clemson and Wake are legit and we want to avoid them as long as possible as those are undoubtedly the best teams in college soccer by a lot this year.
  13. I can get stuff at times but not sitting at home watching a game like I was tonight:). I heard about the 'pain threshold thing' from someone close to the program a while back and I will continue to hear stuff from time to time moving forward but certainly it doesn't come immediately after a game.
  14. And he graduates after next year. After that you need another good back up moving forward for Penix's last couple yrs once he graduates and thats something you have to think about in this recruiting class if Tuttle isn't the answer and he sure doesn't look like it to me.
  15. Allen said Penix was 'dinged up' and they would no more tomorrow. That doesn't sound like a broken collar bone but who knows. IU is pretty secretive with injuries but with other serious injuries like that Allen has at least said he thinks it is something serious. Hopefully thats a good sign but we will see. If he is 'dinged up' though it adds credibility to what i have heard potentially that he has a hard time with pain. A lot of players play when 'dinged up' depending on what it is. Ramsey did last week after taking that shot.