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  1. Wait....is Izzo gradman?
  2. And most every offensive possession during that time was a three point shot. Bad bad offense. But good good win.
  3. The worse I do in the prediction league, the better for the team lol. Still major issues with the offense, but great road win. Big win tonight
  4. Another brutal loss for Archie and Co. 72 - 58 them.
  5. It actually was reported that he wanted to keep the IU recruits and told Wright to stay at Dayton. You even admitted that Archie wanted continuity. Now are you denying what you admitted a couple posts earlier?
  6. And how did that work out for him? I believe it does mean that. He wanted Durham over Wright. That much was widely reported.
  7. Archie was set on keeping the recruits and openly encouraged Wright to stay at Dayton. This was widely reported.
  8. McKinley Wright interview after Archie switched to Indiana
  9. Wright didn't need to wait on Gelon. Archie told him right away that he wasn't going to take him. Archie had his mind set on Durham instead. As for Gelon, I've heard on this site that it didn't affect our apr score because he left in good academic standing. It seems like there's all kinds of funky information out there.
  10. Ok fair. Let's look at facts then. 1. Recruits can be let out of their LOI with no APR hit. 2. Grant Gelon was let go with no APR hit. I'm having a hard time seeing any facts behind the claim.
  11. Debunked by facts. Why did we let Gelon go with no apr hit? Why could that not have happened with others? Also, letting recruits out of their LOI wouldn't have affected our apr either.
  12. This has been debunked. There would have not been an apr hit. See: Grant Gelon. It's just another excuse.
  13. There's an equal but opposite reaction after wins from the pumpers. What a fractured fanbase we've become
  14. Who wore them in Archie's other two years?