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  1. I wonder about this excuse as well. Especially when there's been a lot of excuses. How many years do we have to wait until we can expect success again? When Archie came we heard an excuse that his hands were tied due to apr and administration and he wasn't allowed to make any roster changes. Then you realize that Gelon was dumped. Then you realize that he could have let any of the recruits out of their loi without penalty and you wonder. You hear that we didn't get McKinley Wright because Archie's hands were tied, but you realize they weren't. Who knows if any of these roster changes would have mattered, but it seemed to be an excuse. Then you hear an excuse about not being able to get transfer players and wonder about it too. Just win man. Just effin win. Until you do, there will be rightful doubt.
  2. Every Cleveland fan I know is also an Ohio State fan. You think they're rejoicing for crippling their rival's basketball team lol
  3. I don't get it. We have two available scholarships. We just had a season where injuries hampered results. We are thin in the backcourt with a need for shooters. We are an injury away from more issues. We need depth. He absolutely would have helped. Do people dislike him because he wants to go to college to improve himself? Ask yourselves. Did you go to college to improve your life or to improve the college? Everybody goes to college to improve their own life. Everybody. Do we dislike him because he's not from Indiana? He's a dreaded east coaster? We need to get beyond our own biases and stereotypes. I don't get this fanbase. I know not every one of us has these thoughts, that would be a stereotype. But man we drive me crazy sometimes.
  4. While some IU fans wait for Archie's bulldog mentality to move to his team, I feel it's a good time to mention that Coach Mike Davis was named Mr Hustle his last two years at Alabama. His teams never seemed to assimilate his qualities either. At some point, you need to realize that only results on the court matter. Hopefully Archie can surpass him there, but it's been a very underwhelming tenure for him so far.
  5. I would have to think that he does (or should). I'm in sales, and have about 200 customers. Some of them call me, some of them text, some of them email me. I adjust my communications to meet their preferences. If one of them wanted to face time their orders, you'd better believe I'd do it. I hope Archie does too.
  6. Good facts. But that's not where the facts stop. Fact...the worst losses in IU basketball history have Archie Miller's name next to them. Fact...we had more talent than teams that were beating us. Fact...teams with more underclassmen than us were beating us, negating that fact. Fact...we lacked preparation and motivation. Fact...this board is sunshine pumpers by a vast majority. Fact...there are so many red flags here that there's reasons for negativity. If somebody gets frustrated by perceived negativity, they need to step back and look at all the facts, not just the hand selected ones. Regardless, I'm going to drop it in this thread. I'd be ecstatic to land Trendon Watford. I really hope we do..
  7. Nothing wrong with that second part. I agree with it. I don't think you're seeing my point at all. Come to IU T Wat!
  8. Are these facts like you claim? Or opinions?
  9. I never called you annoying. What in the world? Your tunnel produces funny results.
  10. Stop it. The 5% of people who don't pump sunshine into the situation no matter what post more than half of the rest? Lol. Stop it. This board is overwhelmingly pumpers who will create optimism down their tunnel no matter what the reality of the situation is. If you can't handle an opinion that's opposite of the groupthink here, then you need thicker skin.
  11. This board is 95% sunshine pumping. If the 5% annoys you, that's on you.
  12. With the consistency of us last season? Game after game regardless of the opponent? I do watch other teams, but I don't use the results of other teams to excuse the performance of my own. That's what I don't care for. I did watch quite a bit of Duke last year (it was hard to avoid lol), and I didn't see the constant slow unprepared starts that we had.
  13. That's wonderful, but I don't care about other teams. Our constant slow starts regardless of the opponents is my concern. To me, it shows a lack of preparation. If it continues next year, Archie needs to feel a blazing hot seat. It's unacceptable imo.
  14. Ok. But this team. Did they look prepared to play at the beginnings of the games this season? They certainly did not to me as they fell into a massive hole to start most every game. I really don't even think that's debatable. They were atrocious at the beginnings of games and it killed our season.
  15. Did they look prepared to play at the beginnings of games to you?