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  1. Wow! That escalated quickly. Actually, I was trying to help you out. You get push back for being a broken record. If you continue to be one, you'll continue to receive it.
  2. You're absolutely entitled to your opinion. The way you're going about it is the problem. Many times during this season I've voiced my displeasure with our coach. This team either lacks motivation or preparation every game. To me, that's a direct reflection of the coach. So I voiced that. Many many times. I became a broken record. I was called out for it, and they were right. You sir, are a broken record also. As was stated above, Green could have a quadruple double and you'd be on here with your record constantly skipping. I think that's the issue many are trying to point out. For me? Romeo makes the worst decisions on the team, not Green.
  3. 69 - 66 Hoosiers win!
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    College Bball Thread

    I'm not sure I have a schtick. I just get frustrated by people who belittle posters with different opinions. It seems to happen a lot on here.