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  1. Solsberryberries

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Right. But in the past the coach would pre-record the show with Fisch. I just wish Coach would talk ball. Enough of the cliches… talk ball, coach. It’s what the people want to hear.
  2. Solsberryberries

    Fire Coach Woodson

    What’s the deal with the coach’s show this year? Not only has the show been cut back (not every week now), Woody isn’t even batting .500 for making an appearance. He’s been present for 2 full coaching shows since the turn of the new year. I thought this was a major part of his salary?
  3. Solsberryberries

    Fire Coach Woodson

    It seems like Woodson will get his 4th year and an opportunity to improve the roster in the off season. Here’s a couple things I’m hoping for: 1. No playing time promises to transfers. I’ve wondered at times this season if some of the odd lineups have more to do with guaranteed playing time than a reward for hard work? Not sure. I really liked the 4 guards with Ware during the Iowa game. The most driving room we’ve had all season… That, and Iowa’s guards couldn’t stay in front of a gum ball machine. So who knows if it is more effective? Either way, playing time promises limit chemistry and experimentation. 2. A cohesive staff. I don’t want to go into much here, but we need our staff to get on the same recruiting page. I’m hoping we have at least one assistant transition this year. 3. Recruit kids who have a fundamental foundation and win. Potential, potential, potential. I don’t like that word anymore. We need winners. And when kids win at a high level, it typically means we don’t have to teach help side fundamentals the first 2 months of the season. 4. Get a shot doctor into Cook Hall. Mercy. Just mercy. I never thought I would see Indiana have a team captain whose guide hand could tickle his goatee after he shoots. Even if it’s just for aesthetics and beauty, can’t we clean up the form?
  4. Solsberryberries

    Coach & Support

    First time poster, but looooooong time reader going all the way back to the Decker Scout board (and the other various stops in between.) I’ve always appreciated the overall passion and enthusiasm on this board, so thank you to all the people that make this place enjoyable. Ugh… more coaching threads. I was hopeful that things would move in the right direction with Coach Woodson, but alas… here we are trying to stay above .500. When we look back at the 29 years Coach Knight was here he had 10 10-loss seasons. None of those seasons were sub .500, but they were mediocre, nonetheless. Some of those seasons were right on the heels of some of our most successful seasons. Sure, he caught flack. But it seemed he nearly always had overwhelming support from the fanbase. One of the reasons I believe Coach Knight had that support was simply because he formed relationships that communicated he valued the people in Indiana. He was accessible, benevolent and equally supportive to the surrounding communities. His favorite eateries (like Rosie’s Diner), hobbies, media appearances (coach’s show, golf instructions, coaching clinics) all formed lasting bonds and ties with the state that far outlasted his time here as coach. He taught us how to watch the game- even produced videos teaching the fans what to look for while watching a game (still available on YouTube). To me, along with a coaching philosophy, this is the secret sauce to coaching at a special place like Indiana (beyond the university). Tough years will happen in good, even great programs. But will you have the support and respect of the community to see you through? It seems to me all of our hires since Knight have been a swing and miss in this category- all separate from what happens on the floor or basketball IQ. First, I hope Coach Woodson figures it out. But he has to show up in Indiana High School gyms and eat a bag of popcorn and learn someone’s name who works at Ace Hardware. It’s an important part of the job. Woodson was in the NBA for so long I wonder if the NBA lifestyle will be hard to unlearn? If it doesn’t work out, I really hope we hire someone who gets Indiana. Note: this doesn’t HAVE to be an Indiana guy- but I think it helps the learning curve. Being one of “those” southern Indiana people, I sure hope Dusty May gets a shot at the job. I think his understanding of the game and program are an excellent match. But more than that, he will win over the state by hard work and building local relationships. I’m confident he would live and breathe putting Indiana basketball back on top. No one would want it more. The other coaches mentioned… will they embrace the quirks of Indiana basketball? Crean was right “It’s Indiana.” Indiana is unique. I remain somewhat optimistic that Dolson will do his best to move us in the right direction, but I sure hope whoever the coach has all the support possible from this hungry Indiana fanbase.