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  1. IU_FanClub

    How does the crow taste?

    Mine tastes great
  2. IU_FanClub

    Betting Thread

    Fridays are brutal gambling nights
  3. IU_FanClub

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Kennesaw State is up to 131 in the net
  4. IU_FanClub

    Betting Thread

    I like Michigan +5.5 against Purdue tonight. Feels like a game they might win outright or choke away at the end and lose by 3 or 4
  5. IU_FanClub

    IUBB vs Ohio State - Saturday, 1/28/23 @ 8:00 on Fox

    Key has been banged up so Trayce should be able to get after him
  6. IU_FanClub

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Tonight gave me a newfound appreciation for Woody lol
  7. IU_FanClub

    Betting Thread

    I took IU -6 1H and -9.5 for the game also bet on uconn and starting to think they might be dead
  8. IU_FanClub

    National Player of the Year

    Realistically what does Trayce have to do to put himself in the legit conversation to win it
  9. IU_FanClub

    Betting Thread

    Virginia Tech -2 tonight came down to the wire haha
  10. IU_FanClub

    IUBB vs Michigan State - Sunday, 1/22/23 @ Noon on CBS

    If your floor is losing out then the ceiling would have to be winning out which would be 1 or 2 seed material haha
  11. IU_FanClub

    Top 25

    Essentially ranked 27th. UConn at 19 is a complete and total joke
  12. IU_FanClub

    Top 25

    I would say right now based on how we’re playing there’s no way we aren’t one of the 25 best teams in the country. The question is whether the morons that vote in the ap poll are paying attention
  13. IU_FanClub

    Betting Thread

    Been betting on FAU a lot and they have done me very well
  14. IU_FanClub

    Grown A$s Man

    Absolutely fantastic job. Way to shut us the hell up this is awesome!
  15. Good news about that is breaking a press really isn’t that difficult if you just focus and get to your spots. Seems like something that can be easily fixed in practice but also just goes to show we really can’t have Jalen getting in foul trouble