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  1. IU_FanClub

    IUBB @ Nebraska - 1/17/22 @ 6:00 ET on BTN

    Just win baby
  2. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    I definitely agree with you that there is a PTSD factor from the last 5 years or so that's why I've been trying to be as open minded about this season as possible knowing it's a new staff and they're trying to build a whole new culture
  3. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    Oh I totally agree it's frustrating and needs to improve but I also see loads of improvement in this team from the last few as well. For example these road games we're walking into while we are beating ourselves and it's super frustrating, we are still giving ourselves a chance to win even while playing terrible if we can just clean it up a little bit when we go on the road we could grab some really nice wins
  4. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    I feel like there can be a happy medium with fans wanting us to get back to playing like a powerhouse program and also not being constantly negative. Way I see it is this season is all about breaking the ice with the tournament, winning 20 games, and building momentum moving forward as we continue to bring in talented players. This team as constructed was never going to be a powerhouse this season but I do think it's a team that can win 20 or so games and get into the tournament without sweating it out on selection sunday. Last night was a bad result and our other road losses were bad but it just seems like when we lose it's complete armageddon.
  5. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    After a tough loss I usually just try to distract myself with a tv show. Started the new season of The Righteous Gemstones last night great show.
  6. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    Wasn't trying to aim at people on this board I know it looked like that. Mainly just from people on Twitter being constantly miserable about the team even after wins
  7. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    @Stuhoo Thank you! My post was more stemming from fans on Twitter than anything else so I thought I'd come here for some iubb conversation! Sometimes it seems like IU fans just don't enjoy themselves at all during the season even during wins. IU basketball has been a huge part of my life and it has always been my favorite thing/hobby and I just think as fans we should enjoy it a bit more. Obviously performances like last night are not acceptable but I get a feel with Woody and these guys that I just trust them to get it together make the necessary changes. Looking forward to more iubb talk!
  8. IU_FanClub

    Serious Question

    Obviously it's no secret that IU fans are about as passionate as it gets. My question is why do we as a fanbase have to lose our heads and act like the season is over after every loss? Did we play well last night? No of course not. Do we have issues on the road? Definitely. But we're 12-4 and the issues are clearly fixable. Why can't we just enjoy the ups and downs of the season and ride with the team instead of questioning the very existence of the program after every bad game? This team is very close to being very good and for as bad as we've played in some of these road games we've had chances to win every single one of them. It's completely reasonable to think they can fix some of the issues and get some real momentum going here. We got a big week ahead of us let's enjoy the season Go Hoosiers!