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  1. IU_FanClub

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    After reading his dad's comments I feel really confident about Page. I hate following recruiting lol I do not have the patience for it
  2. IU_FanClub

    (2023) - SG Jamie Kaiser Jr. to Maryland

    https://t.co/7WksUgjGIr this article he says he doesn’t have any more visits scheduled
  3. IU_FanClub

    Fire Steve Aird

    Yeah I mean this guy should be out of a job by the end of the day this is sickening
  4. IU_FanClub

    Fire Steve Aird

    http://specials.idsnews.com/indiana-volleyball-steve-aird-culture-fear/ Just completely disgusting behavior he has no place in our Athletic Department
  5. IU_FanClub

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    With UNC and Michigan scheduled to play in the Jumpman Invitational this year I would almost guarantee we play UNC at Assembly Hall in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. We are coming off 2 straight road games in the challenge and they have had it at home 2 of the last 3 years.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks it’s a bit ridiculous Race hasn’t made a decision yet? He’s had almost a month since the season ended and he’s holding the whole roster in limbo by not deciding.
  7. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    You’re an idiot
  8. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    if I’m not mistaken didnt Zavier Simpson get arrested crashing the Michigan Athletic Directors car a few years ago and not get suspended at all
  9. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    Yeah if anything that just shows quick thinking from our point guard lol
  10. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    Sounds like he was speeding and tried to switch seats with someone when he got pulled over which is where the resisting came from. This is nothing.
  11. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    Exactly he didn’t cause anyone harm. Just move on from it and make him run in practice or something
  12. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    Yep. It’s about time we stop trying to act like choir boys though and quit self sabotaging. Don’t get arrested but also don’t do something crazy and get rid of a talented player when he didn’t even cause anyone any harm.
  13. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    People saying get rid of X because of this is so dumb.
  14. IU_FanClub

    Xavier Arrested...

    Simple solution here. Look the other way like every other top program does. Discipline him in practice and move on.
  15. IU_FanClub

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Someone has to announce something today right? Right lol?