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  1. Wooohooo that worked, thanks!
  2. Nope, starts with a commercial and then goes into him talking baseball with Benetti.
  3. Yeah, I tried playing the YouTube video, and before you click play, it says the video is 2 hours and 57 minutes and change long, but once it starts playing it goes down to an even two hours. Something must have went wrong on the upload.
  4. swingline14

    General New Coach News

    A tradition unlike any other lol
  5. swingline14

    College Bball Thread

    I love it. My buddies and me in college used to pool all four of our TVs from our respective rooms into one big wall of them. No schoolwork was accomplished after all 4 TVs were combined lol
  6. swingline14

    College Bball Thread

    Got my set up ready for tomorrow.
  7. swingline14

    Meet and Greet

    Hello all, had to create a new profile because I couldn’t remember my password for my old one (swingline91). Always used the old app before, had to get back on to join in on the coaching search craziness. Need Brad to hurry up so I can give my best friend who’s a UK fan a bunch of grief!
  8. It was also at the Fulton airport outside of Atlanta on March 8th. Then flew to Palm Beach, then to Indy, then to Monroe. NBA Allstar game was Atlanta 3/7.