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  1. I read this board daily but I hardly ever post but this get deserves a big go Hoosiers!!!
  2. During played very well I thought to. Nice defense and sets great screens.
  3. Loved the emotion from coach Woodson when he was leaving the court. Great to have a coach that knows what IU is all about.
  4. Gutsy win. Way to protect the home court. Go Hoosiers!!!!!
  5. Brooks

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Seems like a kid who is proud to put on the IU uniform. Love this pickup. Looks like the hiring of coach Woody may be a lot better than most gave him credit for when he was announced. Go Hoosiers.
  6. What a terrific start for Woodson. Haven't been this excited about a Hoosier team since I was a pup. Johnson should give us the toughness we have been missing recently. Is it time for tipoff yet.
  7. Brooks

    Player decisions

    Great to have Lander back. I think he will flourish in a more open system. Woodson really seems to connect with these kids. Hopefully their belief in him will give us some good team chemistry.
  8. Oh wow I just seen this. Cant express how happy it makes me to see these Hoosier legends coming together. Really optimistic about this coaching staff. A lot more than the previous two coaching hires. Welcome home Fife.
  9. Brooks

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Seems the pieces are coming together. I feel a lot better already about the hire. Now we just need to grab a couple of pieces from the portal and hope the other players stay. The players that have chosen IU even after the coaching change shows me they want to be there and make something special together. Good stuff
  10. Well I'm not positive that Woodson will work out or not but from everything I've read and his speech at the coach announcement if it fails it will not be from lack of effort or passion. Im fully behind him and can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks as far as assistants and players. Go Hoosiers.
  11. Well this wasn't the hire I was hoping for but ill give the man my backing unless he really poops it up. I was one that would have been happy with a Matta hire , so having him on the bench really helps in my opinion. Hopefully Woodie will prove everyone wrong and have success. At least I know he wants to be here.
  12. Brooks

    General Coach Candidate News

    I think at this point its safe to say we have no idea what Dolson has in mind. I read several boards and all the " insiders" have different info. Dolson is definitely being tight lipped on this one. Guess we may not find out any real info till he is ready for it to come out. I commend him on this. Now hopefully I can give him the same props with the decision he makes for our new coach. Ill give whoever he hires the chance.
  13. Brooks

    General Coach Candidate News

    So many people with so many sources. Dang i need to get me a source too lol.
  14. Brooks

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I have watched Arkansas 3 or 4 times this year. I like their style of play. Justin Smith looks good this year.
  15. Brooks

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Haven't watched Texas Tech this year yet but watching the game right now his team plays great defense, I just don't see his offense running many sets. Its a small sample I know just want a team that can run some offensive plays. Not saying I wouldn't get behind Beard I would rather have a little more open offense though.