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  1. Fife comes across as a leader. I hope he can get some more head coaching experience before his shot at the IU job.
  2. Zachetology

    Player decisions

    My position is that I would like to stop the victory parade for Woodson's recruiting abilities until he can maintain or upgrade our 12-15 team. I'm just saying this is a good test.
  3. Zachetology

    Player decisions

    We'll see if Woody can recruit with Franklin, as Armaan was the only player to shoot 40+% from three with decent volume.
  4. Can we trade Woodson, Matta, and TJD for Scott Drew?
  5. Zachetology

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    Amen. There needs to be a relaunch with actual cream and crimson, a new font, new uniforms, and an alternate logo that isn't just the interlocking IU. I think Oklahoma football is an excellent example of how to use cream and crimson for some uniforms without looking boring, although they still go red and white most of the time. I would go with Nike over Jordan because the Jordan logo is an eyesore.
  6. Zachetology

    Player decisions

    Franklin may just not think that bringing back 90% of a 12-15 team with a first-year college coach is his best choice.
  7. Zachetology

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Oats has won three conference regular season championships, four conference tournament championships, and four NCAA tournament games at the powerhouses of Buffalo and Alabama in six years. Musselman has only had one season of double-digit losses at each school. EM also won two conference regular season championships, three conference tournament championships, and five NCAA tournament games in six years. The coach is the culture.
  8. Zachetology

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    I don't understand how schools can put so much emphasis on a coach's alma mater over his performance. UNC should be making those calls to Drew/Oats/Musselman before Wes Miller, who hasn't won a tournament game in 10 years. Archie was a stronger candidate when IU hired him than Wes is now. I'd like to see if a blue blood school can run a coaching search correctly.
  9. Zachetology

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Who else wants some of this Michael Lewis offense?! Sign me up.
  10. Zachetology

    College Bball Thread

    Exactly. This may be the best team of the three-point era. Gonzaga moves the ball much better than anyone right now.
  11. Zachetology

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    We have no outside shooting or ballhandling. It's tough to win without defending the three at all. Good season, though.
  12. The overwhelming sentiment from Minnesota fans to Richard Pitino has been incredibly grateful and positive.
  13. It'll be like when Akron hired Jim Tressel as an administrator and the football team went 1-11. It's the wrong position.
  14. Nothing says "team basketball" like Carmelo.
  15. Zachetology

    General New Coach News

    Somehow, there is less hope now than there was before the search.