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  1. ISP is legit guys. I know it is hard to tell these days. He is a long time guy at our site. He is far from a blowhard or attention seeker. If he posts it, he believes it and has credibility. He is 100% class. Just dropping in to vouch for an old "friend".
  2. bluegrassIU

    milehiiu has passed away.

    Yeah, one guy in particular. I think he went by "clockwork_orange". He did hate those guys.
  3. bluegrassIU

    milehiiu has passed away.

    TrustinRoy. Lmao We areactually discussing those things he always believed in. No matter what. Hated TrustinRoy Hated, for whatever reason, Illinois Bragged nonstop about the site(s) being free. The Jeffries rule in recruiting How unless a player stayed 4 years, they were not a true Hoosier. Etc etc etc The man was a character for sure. Thanks BTB, for the kind words. We have lost two legends (crester) back to back. Godspeed to you all. Life is precious. Enjoy it, hug your loved ones and let go any of petty grudges you may have. Oh, and cheer like crazy for our Hoosiers!
  4. Sorry gang, not sure where to put this. So soon after losing CC, we have lost mile. I know he had many friends here. http://www.hoosiersportsnation.com/index.php?/topic/8488-milehiiu-has-passed-away/
  5. bluegrassIU

    Colonial Crester

    Sadly, I was the one that had to call Ken and break the news. I have messaged back and forth today. Understandably, he is shocked and a bit of a mess. But seems ok, relatively.
  6. bluegrassIU

    Colonial Crester

    Thank you guys. There are no words to express the loss. CC always felt good about the friends he had hete at btb. A huge blow to all of us. God bless.