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  1. TeeterInNJ


    Sampson/the 1 seed losing by roughly the same margin to this Miami team is kinda nice to see, I guess.
  2. TeeterInNJ

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I know there is a lot of talk about Woodson's play style changing to be more guard/perimeter oriented, which I think would be a good move. That said, next year we'll have: X, Galloway, Gunn, Cupps, Newton, Bates (?) ... so agree it will be a different picture for a portal PG I could see picking up one more combo guard in the transfer portal but would prefer we prioritize some wings and at least 1 big man who can protect the rim
  3. TeeterInNJ


    UCLA UConn is going to be a great game (if I didn't just jinx UCLA)
  4. Yeah... same for Kopp and Trey. Hell, Race could make a couple too while we're at it. Haha
  5. This would be a great game for JHS to have one like he had at Purdue. Just sayin'.
  6. I don't love the match up for us, but it's not exactly David vs. Goliath. We're going to have the best player on the court. That's huge. Let's get it done tonight Hoosiers!
  7. TeeterInNJ


    That would be a quick way to go to the bottom of the conference... for a decade, at least. Painter is about as good as its gonna get in West Lafayette.
  8. I think perimeter D is going to be especially key for us in this game. Match up wise, their guards concern me. Hope we control the boards, play through TJD, and have great games from everyone - but particularly - JHS, Trey and Kopp. If Bates has a good game, I think we're in it to the end, at least. Pretty much trust our front court to do what we them to. Have total trust in Woodson at this point in the year, I liked his sub patterns/timing for timeout/demeanor on the sidelines a lot yesterday.
  9. TeeterInNJ


    Loyer said that FDU didn't make him uncomfortable at all really. Yikes
  10. Yeah, TJD (obviously) and Race getting the bulk of the run in the front court with Malik getting a solid amount of minutes feels pretty solid in the front court. It would be nice if Geronimo could give them a spell for a handful of minutes again in R2, but not sure if he has earned the trust to do that. Seems he and Reneau are always good for at least 1 or 2 head scratchers a game. But Malik is a pretty good 3rd big. I hope Bates can just see the ball go through the hoop a few times early on vs. Miami and start to get going. We didn't shoot well at all as a team today, so I'll take a pretty dominant win... knowing we can play a lot better, too. I'm cautiously optimistic but need to look more into Miami tomorrow
  11. TJD decided he was not going out like Edey.
  12. Posting now that the game is solidly in hand... wow, pretty ideal first round! If we rebound like we did in the second half and Race/Trace play like this, sky is the limit. It will be significantly tougher from here on out but I think we can all be fairly pleased with what we saw tonight. Hope the game plan for Miami is rock solid and we stay laser focused. I will not be posting during a game for the rest of the season considering things seem to go way better that way on the court lol
  13. Purdue lost and I didn't post until the game was decided... Out of superstition, I'm going dark until the end of our game. Let's goooo Hooooooosiers!!!!
  14. TeeterInNJ

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Can't we just sign 2-4 Montverde kids and the Indiana Mr. Basketball every year? Lol... only kinda kidding/wishing
  15. Tonight does show a lot of his flaws as a coach IMO. The FDU game plan was marvelous and really well executed. Purdue couldn't buy a bucket, the coach can't control that. But they got punched in the mouth and flustered, and adjustments didn't really work. The roster may do well in B10 bully ball, but the last 3 years show it has obvious shortcomings in March. On talent alone there is no reason for FDU to win this game: They had guys playing D2 ball last year They won 4 games last year They are the shortest team in D1 They gave Purdue bulletin board material and PU still folded. Charmin soft. FDU got a lot of lucky bounces (almost all of them if we're being honest). There were bad calls/missed calls going both ways. That's just basketball. But the fact FDU's coaching was energizing his crew while Painter was barking at the refs and letting his players hang their heads/shake their heads/whine at the refs, to me, shows Painter let everything get away from him tonight. I mean, when a #1 seed loses to a #16 seed, the coach has to be at least somewhat accountable, right? Man this will be a fun card to play for years