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  1. Here for my helping of crow lol
  2. Guys…Bill Self did this while under investigation and didn’t get touched… Id love to be wrong but I wrote this one off when I heard it was down to us and Kansas. These kids are looking to get paid and I have a hard time believing we beat Kansas at their own game.
  3. Fighting their ***** off but we need a stop
  4. I want to see Woody pick up a T off that goaltend
  5. Sorry but I can’t see us winning this with them shooting almost 50% from 3
  6. Gonna be hard with the refs swallowing their whistles
  7. Our shooting is just comically horrible
  8. TJD: “Ref, he used his body weight to move me out of the way!” and Kopp is straight trash
  9. I love getting embarrassed on national TV. This may set a record for fastest I’ve ever turned a game off
  10. Hasn’t played physical his entire career, no reason to think he’ll change now. He’s a soft 4 that can’t play away from the rim, which is why he’ll be playing in one of the stans next year
  11. We should recruit players that can shoot
  12. Dead ball fouls in these situations should be a tech
  13. Wow…UNC is deliberately fouling and they still don’t want to call it