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  1. So brushing shoulders with the shooter after they’ve already shot and landed is a foul on the shot?
  2. Trying to hard to make the big play. Need to stay disciplined and put this away.
  3. Let’s see if they’ve learned how to step on someone’s throat
  4. Woodson needs to start working these refs
  5. Can someone please guard this Northwestern reject?
  6. The officials are officially pissing me off
  7. Like, how many threes do you need to miss before you’re like “ya know, I’m just not very good at this.”
  8. Man I have an uneasy feeling about this one. Someone change my mind.
  9. Bigred3588

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Wasn’t that the case with Kaufman as well?
  10. Bigred3588

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    I hate to say it, but I think best case scenario has us competing with every team that matters for Sisley and his game just screams “Duke” to me. Assuming he continues to improve, it wouldn’t surprise me if he never plays a college game. You just don’t see many kids with that combination of size and skill set at that age. NIL already has Adam Silver talking about dropping the draft age requirement and there will be another CBA before Sisley graduates.
  11. Bigred3588

    (2023) - SF T. J. Power to Duke

    Good thing we’ll have an opportunity to show him why he should pick IU!
  12. I think we’re all pretty happy with Woodson’s recruiting to this point, but there’s one thing I’ve noticed that has me really excited; and it’s something I think we’ve been lacking for a while. The kids coming in aren’t just talented, they expect to win and know what it takes. JHS & Reneau - Starters on a National championship winning team who had to earn their spots against D1 talent and played top competition week in and week out. Jakai Newton - Led his team to a 24-6 record and #2 ranking in the state. Lost by 3 in the final 4 to the eventual state champs. Has had to compete for PT with multiple D1 players on his team throughout HS. Kaleb Banks - Led his team in scoring, rebounds, and steals. Led his team to a 21-9 record and #9 ranking in their class. Lost by 1 in the state sweet 16. Gabe Cupps - Led team to two consecutive state title games (first one as a soph) in Ohio’s most difficult conference (or playing the most difficult schedule, can’t remember which). Lost 1 game in 2 years. IIRC, we’ve had another PG that led his team to the title game as a soph and junior. He ended up being a pretty good player for us… CJ Gunn - Didn’t have quite the same kind of team success as the others, but led LN to a respectable 17-7 record in a very good conference. Broke out individually averaging 24 and 6 and showed continuous improvement throughout HS. This isn’t meant to be a knock on our current players, but I just haven’t seen this combination of talent and pedigree on the same Indiana team in quite some time.