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  1. I don’t like going to bed on a bad note so I’ll at least say that things looked promising when the 4 freshman were on the floor. I have a feeling Archie will **** that up but I’m trying to find some optimism in this **** show.
  2. I absolutely ******* hate hate the fact that I don’t even give a **** when IU plays anymore. Can some booster with more money than me talk to the administration and get something done about this ****
  3. If you look at games we should have win IU would be at least 13-4. We’ll be 9-8 instead. Smfh
  4. Another game we should’ve won going down the freakin toilet. Tired of this ****
  5. Now the refs are swallowing the whistle
  6. I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow morning
  7. Do we have a single ******* player that can make a damn shot
  8. Normally I’d feel alright about OT with their best player on the bench but we showed absolutely no ability to score down the stretch.
  9. Been drinking, didn’t really state that correctly lol. I basically meant to say they’ve missed 5 and we’ve missed 10.
  10. TJD hasn’t had 1v1 success on Cockburn all game. Not sure why you draw up that play at this point.
  11. Illinois +5 at the line. Really hope that doesn’t end up being the difference here...
  12. Come on guys, need the bucket here
  13. Ahh ok, I’d agree with that one.
  14. Absolutely. I think some people have written him off prematurely. I graduated from an Indy-area HS in 2006 and either saw or played against multiple guys that ended up in the NBA. The only two that could’ve walked into a college game against the #4 team at Lander’s age and given meaningful minutes were Oden and Gordon. I think that says quite a bit... Edit: For our younger posters, Greg Oden was an absolute monster at that age.
  15. Lander has the skills but Rob/Al have the experience. Coaches aren’t about to trust a freshman playing 4 or 5 minutes a game in that situation regardless of skill.