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  1. I’m pretty optimistic for this year. Lander will have his freshman moments but the reports have been good. A junior Phinisee is solid. Durham as a senior is solid. TJD, no explanation needed. Hunter was a guy that people considered a possible one-n-done that is finally healthy and has some experience under his belt. Race is a banger. Brunk can give us some solid play. Galloway IMO is cleanup guy that will leave everything on the floor. Leal has the IQ and the shot. And I have the same feeling about Geronimo that I had about Oladipo and Anunoby. I think he’ll raise some eyebrows.
  2. Losing Kaufman hurts but I’ve never really seen the appeal with Furst. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen him in person but the reels on YouTube just don’t impress me...
  3. I’m just going to assume it’s true and be let down tonight. If it turns out it was a hoax and he picks IU, tomorrow will bring a nice surprise. If he does pick Purdue, I won’t have waited all day the be let down. On to the next one
  4. Some people over on HSN are posting pics of him at the studio where the announcement is supposedly being made. Hate to say it but it doesn’t look good...
  5. I started following IU message boards about 15 years ago and the posters on HSN are those from the original scout site I followed (it’s changed domains multiple times). I was very tempted to log back in and set em straight but didn’t feel like starting that argument... The only guy over there that has been somewhat accurate is the one with 0708 at the end of his username.
  6. Bigred3588

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    I think you’re talking about Enes Kanter, who never played because he had been paid as a pro overseas (shocker).
  7. He usually doesn’t speak at all if the player is headed elsewhere and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him be wrong... Not saying he hasn’t been wrong at some point but he’s been the most accurate poster I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve followed IU message boards.
  8. Bigred3588

    (2022) - SG Isaac McKneely

    Then he’s in pretty good company. Apparently Calipari runs this drill and said Herro was the best he’s seen with 95 in 5 minutes.
  9. Bigred3588

    (2022) - SG Isaac McKneely

    Hate to be a naysayer but that sounds like BS to me. You’d have to average 1 made 3 every 3 seconds for a full 5 minutes...
  10. Bigred3588

    Bruiser Could Leave for UK?

    I'd be more concerned if he were promoting to HC somewhere. The fact that its a lateral move has me thinking it wouldn't be too big of a deal.
  11. There’s a shorter version that only has Duncombs highlights on YouTube as well.
  12. Bigred3588

    (2021) S Maurice Freeman to Indiana

    Not very often that you see high school players tackle the ball carrier along with anyone else in the general vicinity lol. He got stuck on an island against the option and just tackled the QB along with the RB.
  13. Bigred3588

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    And to think, this dude could jump out of the gym before he doubled the size of his quads...
  14. Bigred3588

    (2022) - CG Skyy Clark

    I think you're probably right. Pretty much all of his comments could be summarized as, "(Insert coach) plans on giving me the ball and letting me do what I want." That's not exactly Archie's style.
  15. Bigred3588

    (2022) - CG Skyy Clark

    Bachelor of Arts in Wakandan Studies?