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  1. Bigred3588

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Considering PU fans' go-to insult for us always has some reference to a trailer park, I would love to see Duncomb dominate Caleb Furst with the mullet in full effect. It would be the definition of poetic justice.
  2. Bigred3588

    Bloomington Food Choices

    Same here. I haven’t even heard of half the places being mentioned but I also haven’t been back to IU since I graduated 10 years ago. Avers was always our go-to. Well, that and Pizza Express breadsticks when I lived at Eigenmann.
  3. Bigred3588

    College Bball Thread

    I was searching around for details while waiting for my sleep study last night and a couple people were basically saying he had been running his mouth to the guy that ultimately punched him. You can't see the punch in the video but the same individual said the guy came back and Bohannon turned to confront him. You know the rest. Its interesting the press release says Bohannon's friends restrained the guy that did it despite the fact that you can clearly see someone kick Bohannon in the face well after he was punched. Apparently even his friends weren't all that interested in sticking up for him. It sounds like he's known around campus as one of those "Don't you know who I am?" type of guys and this isn't the first time its caught up to him.
  4. Bigred3588

    Strictly Hypothetical

    I was thinking about next years roster and thought it would be interesting to throw out a starting 5, with some assumptions, and see where people placed our ceiling (in conjunction with our bench, of course). So here goes... 1. Khristian Lander playing up to his 5* billing. 2. Xavier Johnson replicating his production at Pitt with slighter better % from the field 3. Tamar Bates at a 5* level or close to it 4. Miller Kopp replicating his production at NW 5. TJD after developing a right hand and mid-range jumper I know there will be some debate about the lineup (like Stewart starting over Bates), but what would your expectations be if that scenario played out?
  5. Bigred3588

    Who will be most improved player & Why.

    Geronimo. During his HS season he said he was shooting 44% from 3 until the coach asked him to start taking over on offense. On the AAU circuit he shot 36% from 3. Either way, he can shoot. If they space the floor and give him room to drive, God help whoever is standing under the rim. On the defensive end, he has the length and athleticism to be a lock down defender. He also has the ability to be a great rebounder. There were a handful of instances last year where his standing vertical was enough to snag rebounds over post players. If he clicks with this coaching staff and they are able to maximize his potential...watch out.
  6. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    That’s A OK with me!
  7. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    The best part of this development...pUKe fans REALLY wanted him.
  8. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Yeah, his dad comes off like a lightweight Mark Carlino. If Brooks ends up at IU, I don't want to see any complaints from those supporting the move when his dad starts popping off about Brooks not being the focal point of the team.
  9. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If Calipari and Coach K ran programs in states that produce the level of talent Indiana produces on a regular basis, they would probably think twice about alienating coaches within the state.
  10. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    That's my impression as well, and it doesn't really make sense to swap Hunter for Brooks if the previous poster was right about Woodson not wanting to play 4 on 5 on the offensive end.
  11. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    IIRC, burning bridges in Indiana played a bit of a role in Crean's departure didn't it?
  12. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Thought this would be interesting. The first stat line is Trey Galloway's freshman season. The second is the stat line from another 6'4 wing with whom you're all familiar. Can you guess who it is? MPG: 19.6; FG% 41.7; 3P% 18.2; FT% 73.7; REB 1.9; AST 1.6; BLK 0.0; STL 0.4; TO 1.0; PTS 3.6 MPG: 17.1; FG% 45.0; 3P% 24.3; FT% 68.3; REB 2.1; AST 1.5; BLK 0.1; STL 1.0; TO 1.4; PTS 3.3
  13. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Keion Brooks isn't going to be a college junior because he wants a degree; he's going to be a college junior because he isn't good enough to make an NBA roster.
  14. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Has Woodson not realized that Brooks can’t shoot worth a damn either?
  15. Bigred3588

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I’d take Galloway over Brooks all day, without question. He has the highest basketball IQ on the team. If he’s “pushed out” for a guy that’s been pedestrian at best, I’m gonna be f****** p*****.