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  1. Non Con 5-2 B1G 11-9 B1G finish 7th Surprise player A. Franklin Disappointment RP Win one game in NCAA tourney Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  2. rcs29

    IU Football Off-Season

    3-5 and that would honestly be acceptable albeit disappointing Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. rcs29

    On the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

    I skipped my classes that day (before knowing what was about to happen) and remember watching the 2nd plane hit. There was a period of time from then on that I felt as if our great nation was unanimously united. It was a cool feeling that came from a terrible situation. Unfortunately that's the kind of thing it takes in modern America. It's certainly one of those "you'll always remember where you were and what you were doing" moments. Absolutely tragic. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. rcs29

    OG Anunoby - Toronto Raptors

    He's been pretty damn good in this series. He's had a few bad moments but overall he's been good on both sides of the ball and made some timely baskets (understatement). Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  5. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    This is a microcosm of this country as a whole right now. Groupthink is a way of dodging accountability. I want B1G football to be played, don't get me wrong, but I also want people to have a back bone. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  6. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    All the more reason you'd think they wouldn't send people with symptoms back out into public wouldn't you think? I believe people missed my earlier point. I'm not an "anti-mask" person nor am I an over the top advocate for them. I'm not Republican or Democrat. I'm simply a guy that is baffled by the absolute inconsistencies coming from leadership, scientists, healthcare professionals etc. If this is as dangerous and unpredictable (in what symptoms you can have) then why on earth would they tell me I'm good to go unless they truthfully believe that fever is the real threat? And to that my mask vs temp reference was to explain that if body temp is in fact the main factor then why wouldn't we be having much more of a push for that than masks? I'm not saying all of these can't help and I'm sure they can but masks are at the top of precautions we are being told to take and to me (based off of this experience) it would seem it should be thermometers which would honestly have a lot less fight back. Am I really only making sense to myself here? Wouldn't be the first time I guess. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  7. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I assume you're referring to me. My main point is that people are clearly being sent mixed signals. If you are showing symptoms are you suppose to stay home and away from others or are you really only at risk of infecting others if you have fever? I really don't know because I also thought asymptomatic people were a threat? If they are then why would a person showing mild symptoms be told to go back to work in 48 hrs? I'm genuinely confused and I'm not completely stupid so I have some sense to know not to just go licking everyone's lunch at work but there are a lot of people without that ability to think for themselves. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  8. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I'm not really concerned. I don't feel very bad at all and under any other circumstance I would have gone to work. Point is if doctors at the hospital are giving this direction I doubt they are acting rogue and instead doing what they've been told. I mean according to an overwhelming majority we are suppose to blindly trust the professionals. So if all of that is the case then we (the general public) are being fed a horseshit sandwich and being told it's a hamburger. If the real threat to spread is only if you have a fever then all of this other crap is what exactly? Smoke and mirrors, oversight, confusion, incompetence, error, instilling fear? I seriously am confused and even more skeptical than I was before which was already fairly skeptical. And if it is true that it's only fever to be worried about then life could one hell of a lot more normal for everyone right now because that is a very simple, fast and readily available monitoring system. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  9. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Per the direction of my employer I called and explained to them that this morning I started displaying 3 symptoms: nasal congestion, sore throat and cough. They told me to call my healthcare provider and so I did. I explained my symptoms and when I started having them. Their directions were for me to quarantine until Sunday and if I hadn't had a fever by then that I could return to work whether my symptoms had subsided or not. So based off of this experience I gather that healthcare professionals are concerned about one symptom in regards to transmission and that is fever. If that is the case then wouldn't a more effective and less divisive mandate be to self monitor your body temperature daily as opposed to putting a t-shirt over your face? It seems that either we are taking the wrong approach to minimize transmission or healthcare professionals are putting people in harm's way by allowing symptomatic individuals to be around others. I mean they clearly don't care about any other symptoms or at least not in my town. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  10. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    It's not just political either this is how we've become in general. I also agree that the one's before us would be ashamed and probably down right angry with what we've made of a great opportunity. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  11. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Ok so then it's making character assumptions or stereotyping. That makes it better Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  12. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Where in your little world did you see him spouting about "freedoms"? You are as bad as the one's you try shaming. You're (see how I used that) constantly insulting people, judging them based on their points of view on a topic, replying in condescending tones which in itself is ironic and closing your mind off to sensible counter arguments with childish replies like "lol" or "haha". You are so far to one side you're never going to see the middle and that's the problem in America today. Way too many people are so one sided that I fear the "middle ground" has been lost and nobody cares to come off their stance long enough to listen, honestly listen, to anything that could challenge their beliefs. It's not just you man. It's a vast majority of the country and that's what is sad. The irony of people telling others that they are on one side while saying it from as far to the other side as possible really baffles me and I've seen enough in this year to make me fear for humanity as a whole. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  13. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    May 6th the peak: 2,701 July 6th: 244 Regardless of what #'s people use it is clear that although positive tests are increasing the mortality is decreasing. When this began I thought the concern with everyone was the morbidity rate but now it seems to just be the infection rate. The reality is we can't run and hide from illness. It sucks and I wish we could but it's part of life, we get sick. Also I agree about the # of positive tests in comparison with other countries just doesn't seem to follow logic. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  14. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I have a question and it by no means is start any arguments with anyone I'm just curious. Has anyone heard of anyone having a negative COVID test? Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  15. rcs29

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Will Sheehey Joby Wright Christian Watford Marco Killingsworth Neil Reed (I'm sure will be unpopular) Daryl Thomas William Gladness Andrae Patterson (could also be most untapped potential) These are names that come to mind along with many others Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk