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  1. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    May 6th the peak: 2,701 July 6th: 244 Regardless of what #'s people use it is clear that although positive tests are increasing the mortality is decreasing. When this began I thought the concern with everyone was the morbidity rate but now it seems to just be the infection rate. The reality is we can't run and hide from illness. It sucks and I wish we could but it's part of life, we get sick. Also I agree about the # of positive tests in comparison with other countries just doesn't seem to follow logic. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  2. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I have a question and it by no means is start any arguments with anyone I'm just curious. Has anyone heard of anyone having a negative COVID test? Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. rcs29

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Will Sheehey Joby Wright Christian Watford Marco Killingsworth Neil Reed (I'm sure will be unpopular) Daryl Thomas William Gladness Andrae Patterson (could also be most untapped potential) These are names that come to mind along with many others Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    While we're at it. Our is used to express possession not are. Also to=in addition, too=excess. These are enormous pet peeves of mine and when I see people that sure suggest they are above my intelligence level use them incorrectly it makes me laugh. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  5. rcs29

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Yeah IU has played them in the past. SIUE. Greyhounds I believe Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  6. rcs29

    College Bball Thread

    Ok thanks
  7. rcs29

    College Bball Thread

    I don't know where to ask this but is anyone else having problems with Tapatalk?
  8. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    He was giving examples of "freaking out" which I believe was in part what you were discussing. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  9. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Kinda wish you were a little less quick about it so I could see them at least. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  10. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I am picturing you as Clark Griswald when he gets his Christmas bonus while reading that. And now I'm giving a slow clap to that tirade. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  11. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Simple answer is yes. I believe major metropolitan areas did need to take extra precautions in order to not overwhelm the healthcare facilities. I say yes because at the time it was new and we didn't know much about it. I ask you a simple yes or no: do you feel it was necessary for every state and then every county within each state to take the same measures as said metropolitan areas? And despite Brass clearly not reading my post and just saying whatever was in his head I do have loved one's that are at higher risk and I get the precautions individuals want to take. However, I believe that like 99.99% of our lives those decisions should be in our hands as individuals and not the government's. We give them control of our decisions due to our personal health then what's left? Hypothetically speaking let's say I'm 75 and immuno compromised, I'm not going to invite people into my home right now, I'm not going to stores etc right now. That's how I'm looking out for my own best interest and that decision is mine. Once it's safer for me to resume normal practices I will. Could I or anyone similar have made that same decision for themselves without government intervention? The major metropolitan areas to me were a different case due to population/density. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  12. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    For one he's saying "if you don't want to get infected" or in other words not take the calculated risks with exposing yourself to the world then don't. That is clearly a decision "you" should have the right to make and not have it made for you. Secondly, you admit staying in your house is not a reality for most of the known world but you've seemed to be one of the biggest advocates here for quarantining everyone (healthy included) so I'm a little confused by your stance at this point. My mother is 71 with diabetes and just recently had a surgery so I fully understand not wanting others to infect folks like her. However, just like during flu season she needs to take extra precautions that I myself do not. At some point we have to have some self awarenesses about what risks we should and should not take based on our health. Having the government tell all of us to act and react the exact same way just makes no sense to me. If I were immuno compromised then I'd sure as hell not take the same risks as the 25 year old healthy guy but that's because I am capable of deciding what is in the best interest of my health. And if you're not sure then consult a health care professional. Sorry for such a long winded response. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  13. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I thought there weren't political parties at the time he became president. Instead 2 parties manifested with Hamilton and Jefferson during Washington's presidency. I'm certainly not an astute historian so I could be wrong but that's how i remember it. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  14. rcs29

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I watched this and political bias aside these guys seem to use precedence and, by their words, college level understanding of immunology to make their deductions based off of public info as well as their personal experiences. I mean they aren't wrong that people can't build up their immune system if they are kept in bubbles. Seems pretty simple to me. Same people that argue anytime someone says something contrary to their beliefs will find reasons to hate on this. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  15. rcs29

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman

    Seems unlikely Trey would go through the song and dance if he had already made up his mind. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk