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  1. Was it Mr Yeagley who wrote Woodson had to have a "haul" in the portal to stay? Am I remembering this correctly? Also, for Cook Inc. he can see money was not the issue.
  2. I think Coach Cignetti is going to be much loved and appreciated. His team spirit will make Mike Woodson look much worse it that is even possible.
  3. Better yet, if Dusty wins will Mike Woodson even be on the floor to shake his hand?
  4. Fwiw, Query asked Crean what he thought about this little controversy: Rumors, questions, and discussions followed Leal’s comment. Are the fans too toxic? Could that be the reason why they missed out recruits or players in the transfer portal? Former Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean joined Query & Company Wednesday afternoon and was asked that question. “I don’t know if I believe it. I think the fans, from my experience, any booing or any negativity that I delt with, wasn’t anything close to some of the stuff I was dealing with back there with the administration. I wanted every one of our players, no matter how great it was or how rough it was, to understand the privilege it was to play there and it’s special because of those people. There is a passion for that place that very few have.” Crean stated. “Indiana’s built on the grass roots of Indiana. Administratively or coaching wise, the moment that you forget it was built on the communities, counties, rural areas, you name it, that’s how Indiana basketball was built. You better never forget how Indiana basketball got built. Those people there, they love it. Some of them hate it, but they weren’t born to be Indiana fans anyways. The ones that love it, they love it. Can they take it over the top? Sure. There is NOTHING like it when that place (Assembly Hall) is rolling and those fans are bringing that intimidation factor to the opponent. To get to those days, you got to go through some of the hard days and the last thing you ever want to do is disrespect the people that make it what it is.” https://1075thefan.com/271083/tom-crean-has-a-message-for-indiana-basketball/ Do you all think Indiana Admin and Coach have forgotten their base?
  5. The other item I am looking for is the timing of the hiring of the GM position. Also I read Louisville is looking at Bob Huggins for Head Coach.
  6. I wish it were true and appropriate conversation. However, I don't know Mike Woodson could sit through a conversation such as you described.
  7. I liked the article because I think the more the situation is brought to light the more pressure will be on all involved. Bloomington can be in a little bubble and miss the outside world. Right now it is missing out on modern style of basketball. As for Mr Yonkman, I wonder if he has any job openings? Obviously Cook International doesn't have job performance standards for their employees. How else can you explain why he gave money to a failing enterprise?
  8. I think Mike Woodson is one of the most repugnant, deceived individuals I have ever seen. How many people did he turn off tonight?