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  1. McHoop

    General New Coach News

    This is a simple litmus test(finance aside): In four years IU has been owned by UW, PUke and for Christ's sake Rutgers. They've even struggled against perennial basement dwellers, Northwestern and Nebraska. Not working. McHoop
  2. Someone said years back, "There's nothing special in the waters of Monroe County, Indiana. It appears accurate. For now. IU harnessed lightning in a bottle twice; hiring McCracken and later Knight. It looks like they've failed to do so with the latest hire. Look westward to Westwood. Nothing special in the waters there, either. McHoop
  3. McHoop

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    Drug this out for this momentous week.... Sorry about the format. Can't get it to rotate. McHoop
  4. I'd go too. Free tix to #1 vs. #5. Half a day drive. Why not? McHoop
  5. Clearly, the L'vull game put UNC over the top............ McHoop
  6. Uh-huh..... Makes complete and total sense.... McHoop
  7. Bet you have "STUPID" stamped on your forehead, right? McHoop
  8. I believe you're wrong in one regard..... and this should hearten everyone.... Think about how close Center Grove is to Bloomington. Additionally, think about the conference and locality of games on their schedule. Now.... harken back to Romeo's senior year. Remember all the IU players and coaches who attended his games? I'm no insider but expect a repeat performance this season at CG. It will be really tough for MSU and UCLA to match this love; unless you consider Sam Alford in the crowd as competition. McHoop
  9. I've been holding on to a Founder's KBS for this evening. It appears I will savor it with glee. McHoop
  10. Whistling whilst passing the graveyard........ McHoop
  11. Essentially correct. He is a bitter, turd of a Knight apologist. I believe he belonged to Gojko's Hoop Loops site. His old handle was Ducati. McHoop
  12. This is a lonely voice at odds with ever-increasing evidence to the contrary. Again, I'm totally chill with where IU is currently positioned regarding RL. McHoop
  13. No. Relax. Pop a cold one.. McHoop
  14. Some of this **** is literally LOL. Especially the Vandy dorm business. Makes me wonder how old some folks are around here. This is middle school ****. And you're off-base with "no one knows anything." Maybe the majority of people on these boards don't. However, rest assured, there are small but significant bits of information out there acquired directly from those in the know that are and continue to be overwhelmingly positive for IU. Everybody just chill, enjoy the weekend, watch some good hoops and know that better things are ahead. Finally, I've never "ignored" a poster until this a.m. Same old gloom and doom, song and dance is intolerable to me. McHoop