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  1. Awesome!! I am anxiously awaiting mine to arrive early this week. First time i've ever done any kind of season tickets so that makes it even more exciting!
  2. He may have been only referring to mine but he didn't specify. Would make sense with my late change. I am glad I am getting them in the mail though. Can't wait to get them in! 2 weeks from tomorrow is game 1
  3. I was able to get it changed today to print and mail, the guy I spoke with said a similar thing about hoping to get them dropped in the mail by next monday. I am excited.
  4. My tickets don't have any print date yet, however, my parking pass shows as printed on 8/5 but my tickets say they will be mobile delivery so I don't think they will show as printed right? I wished they'd send them in the mail but I don't remember having an option
  5. jbeaman9

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    Peegs just put a crystal ball pick in for Jalen to IU, only a 6 confidence, but a pick nonetheless
  6. No tickets available yet for me
  7. Thanks for your help, sorry for being a newbie with this stuff.
  8. Where does yours show up as printed? This is my first time doing this so i am learning and I just want to make sure I check the right spots
  9. Will do. Thank you!
  10. jbeaman9

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    Might be time to redshirt Duncomb to save a year of eligibility for him. I can't remember is basketball similar to football where they can play a certain amount but still retain their redshirt year?
  11. jbeaman9

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    Duncomb is the one out Durr is questionable
  12. jbeaman9

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    Am I allowed to provide insight from this article? Don't want to break any rules here
  13. I keep going back to my account but can't find anything about my tickets being transferable. This is my first time purchasing season tickets so I could just be missing it. Thanks for any and all help!
  14. jbeaman9

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If it makes the team better, I am all for it. If this guy wants to develop his game to get him to the NBA, who better to learn from than Coach Woodson. More knowledge and experience of the league than the other coaches listed here combined. I would also bet TJD could benefit from going against him daily at practice and the same could be for him working with TJD.