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  1. jbeaman9

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    6-4 200 guard. New Jersey kid. 1 year. Maybe...
  2. jbeaman9

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Tyrin Lawrence. 6-4 195. No clue if IU has reached out or not. Put his name in the draft. No combine invite. Finished his junior year at Vandy. Averaged 13 pts on 48% from the field. Shot 36% from 3. 74% from the line. Bring him in, play him alongside X. Both could play the 1 or 2 easily. Develop him into a draft pick and hang your hat on it to the HS recruits. Imagine the recruiting cred they could build by bringing in him, Ware, and Mgbako into the program and getting them all drafted in the same year. Wow. 3 different back stories coming from different points in their careers, to NBA draft picks thanks to IU and their development.
  3. That is what I kind of thought too. I couldn't remember though
  4. He has stated multiple times that one of his "best friends" is Slater who is directly in the middle of the Mgbako family and this recruitment.
  5. Yes, it is nothing earth shattering. I just don't remember the last one of these he did...
  6. Honestly, not sure what to think. Over the past few years I've been on there, these types of things usually mean expected good news. But I have no idea.
  7. Rabby just posted an announcement preview... Do with that info what you want...
  8. Flory is on his OV right now. Could be him. Can be easy to confuse people who you have never actually seen in person
  9. Have you heard anything today? Read on Peegs that as of this afternoon, neither staff had been informed.
  10. Hopefully contacting Mgbako and portal options...
  11. They both do have a connection through CAA...I always hear in recruiting big time players that relationships matter...
  12. Mgbako now follows JHS back on Instagram...
  13. The 247 Kansas insider (Rabby for Kansas) just posted 40 minutes ago that he fully expects Udeh to return to Kansas next season. The staff and Udeh's family have been talking and the staff's expectation would be that he returned. Weird....didn't think insider predictions could be wrong...
  14. He follows X, Ware, and Cupps but has for some time. The follows are not yet being reciprocated