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  1. Hoosierfan222

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    The SEC doesn’t care
  2. Sounds like he’s a heavy Kentucky lean.
  3. IF we offered is the key. We haven't offered him. Judging by the fact we're offering a bunch of similar players positionally who are higher ranked in recent days, there's no guarantee that offer was imminent or coming at all.
  4. I don’t get the point of saying rankings don’t matter. yes I agree, don’t put all of your eggs in the rankings basket... but this isn’t a lowly ranked kid who has quite a few power 6 programs involved. He has exactly one power 6 offer and it came within the last week. clearly as of now, 99% of college coaches in the game tend to have a similar view to what his ranking says. Not to say that those offers can’t come, but I don’t know why Indiana needs to be the first to jump at him if he wants to be here so badly.
  5. Received a Purdue offer tonight.
  6. He can play a bunch of spots, ranging from defensive back to defensive end. Who knows what he’ll end up here, we could use him at every spot. The Husky position might fit him here (basically a hybrid linebacker/safety role).
  7. I think for 247 it’s about the top 40ish are 5 stars?
  8. the best part of this is Dasan apparently has a close connection with Caden Curry. We'll have to fight off the big boys for him, including OSU, but having Dasan in his ear can't hurt. There's a number of 4 star guys we're after that you gotta hope seeing Dasan ding for us makes it easier for them.
  9. You'd think there would be more interest after the year we had and the type of recruits we are going after. HSN seems more active on the football front right now.
  10. He seemed pretty dead set on OSU... Now? Seems like a matter of time before he flips to IU after all these crystal balls.
  11. Would be a hell of a pick-up.... Would hopefully get the ball rolling among the multitude of 4 star recruits we’re recruiting right now...
  12. Would love to try to get the brother to flip but he seemed pretty dedicated to OSU.
  13. Hoosierfan222

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Chris said that’s what he was told, I believe
  14. Hoosierfan222

    Terrence Clarke

    Confirmed via official sources, he passed away today in Los Angeles. Heartbreaking.
  15. Can Kopp play the 4?