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  1. Question for you: if these legends deserve the praise, they can also receive the scorn if their interests are not in the well being of the program, but rather their own interests. Just because players accomplished a lot as players, doesn’t mean they are in bubble wrap as administrators and coaches because of what they did 50 years ago. You discuss standards. Shouldn’t we have standards of excellence? Should we not expect that from the stewards of this program? Or rather we keep our hands behind our back and our mouths shut because of deference?? If it really were about the name on the front instead of the back, we wouldn’t be here today because decision makers are ACTUALLY looking at the name on the back instead of the front. I ask you think about that while we move forward.
  2. Shocked Cupps would be back
  3. Not accurate. Was coaching staff ignoring him and the awful offense.
  4. I don’t think May will go to the Ville.
  5. I’d be shocked if Malik left now. Two weeks ago? Sure. Not now. Not with the money they are using.
  6. I think he meant he would retire an Auburn coach. Not just this year.
  7. But probably won’t t happen due to booster funding for woody correct?
  8. Thanks Jerry. You mentioned 95% likely. What is the 5%? Portal issues this spring? Also, do you know the other candidates besides Pearl? You can dm if needed. Thank you.
  9. Exactly. Sad, but true
  10. Agree. Especially with the portal opening. I’m wondering more which coaches leave. Walsh? Hunter?
  11. That’s the point. It’s donors ensuring their man has every advantage
  12. Probably that meetings have been made with coaches and players and if there’s no movement then nothing to report really.
  13. Sometimes nothing gets reported if there’s nothing really to report.