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  1. Coach Robby

    (2025) - PG Jalen Haralson

    I know it's easy to hype up interviews and what not, but the fact that he had a lengthy conversation with JHS tells me a lot...he would see himself as a similar type guard at IU. I honestly believe our incoming high school class next season will mirror what we brought in the portal...talent. Give me Haralson, Mullins, Sisley and Moreno, and a player or 2 from the portal and let's continue to gain momentum on the floor as well!
  2. Coach Robby

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    Drew staying at Baylor....LOL
  3. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    It means whatever Woody is cooking has made him lose a bunch of weight this off-season. Also probably overpaying for players, but what choice do we have? It could also be around $6M he's cooking?
  4. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    What do you honestly think the staff's pitch is to visiting portal guards?
  5. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I know we're shopping in the portal right now...but man, that quote from @Chris007 about having a terrible offense for guards... I'm honestly worried we'll get a few from the portal or whatever, have an increased NIL payroll, and roll out the same @$$ **** we rolled out this year, MINUS Ware... Can you imagine our record this season if we didn't get Ware and/or Mgbacko? And MM inquired to us. Basically fell in Woody's lap. I don't mean to sound so negative, we are A LONG WAY from being competitive regularly on a national spectrum
  6. Coach Robby

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    So here...he'd be a 2 lol
  7. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I would rather someone with a long term plan be paying these players...players 8-11 at IU should not be making 6 figures to do nothing. Sorry.
  8. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I'm picking Purdue to win it all in my office pool. That way, it guarantees they don't win it all
  9. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I know this has been shared quite a bit...but portal shopping is supposed to plug in gaps in the roster, not build it. Putting a band aid on a wart doesn't heal the wart, it hides it. So what if we get 2-3 really good players from the portal...how do we recruit 2025? No offense, but our high school class in Indiana is loaded (I know this is common knowledge) and not getting any in-state kids will put us right back on the portal track again. I'm old. I hate how it is, how it's been, where it's going, etc. Losing McNeeley was a major gut punch
  10. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    How does the head coach not know if Trey or AL are going to go through senior day festivities? It's in 2 days! I'm done, logging out for a while. Too much energy going nowhere
  11. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Thank God it's Friday
  12. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Add a dynamic shooter at the 2 (Blackmon but better D) and an experienced PG...color me interested again Edit: Reneau at the 5
  13. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I agree with what you said. Just my personal want/opinion, that's all
  14. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I'm aware I'm in the big minority here, but I want it to be Beard
  15. Coach Robby

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Predict what page number any decision will take place on....it's active all day, so I'm gonna go 729