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  1. tomallenfan1

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Me being bummed about a win speaks more to my lack of trust in the BOT than anything else. I don’t want to root against IU, but I can’t see another avenue to convince the incompetent decision makers.
  2. It’s interesting going back to this thread and reading the takes when it was announced. Little did I know that Dolson was not the primary decision maker in the hiring. I apologize, Scott.
  3. tomallenfan1

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Random: I like Peegs to some degree, but wow that board is awful with sarcasm. If you don’t put “DWS”, people will take you 100% seriously with obvious jokes.
  4. tomallenfan1

    Pick Your 5

    PG Harper/Boogie (I wish both but not realistic) SG Swartz/Mustaf SF Liam PF Betsey C Queen
  5. I turn [REDACTED] tomorrow! Great day for a birthday!
  6. tomallenfan1

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    And Taylor off to Mississippi State
  7. 49.8% Kansas 0.1% Tennessee swoops in again out of nowhere
  8. Seems like a good place to stop. Don’t want to get toxic like other message boards focusing on calling out one person page after page. I feel 50.1% confident it will be IU
  9. It’s going to be crazy when Mgbako posts a picture of himself in a Guangdong Tigers uniform on IG in 2.5 hours.
  10. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Slater posted a photo of Mgbako committed to Nebraska
  11. Rabjohns just updated everyone saying what everyone already knows. No one knows anything about what’s going on or who leads.
  12. Or maybe the kids today are big into horses and love the Kentucky Derby lol
  13. Personally, I don’t get the allure of Louisville basketball right now. You could compare it to IU basketball after the first year under Crean where we had one returning walk-on (Kyle Taber I believe). At least Crean showed a semblance of coaching unlike Kenny Payne. Getting multiple 5 stars after that debacle of a year is unfathomable and points to either unlimited money promised or very poor advice from so-called mentors/agents.
  14. I’ve been on BTB far longer and would like to agree myself lol Peegs seems to have a couple quality people but most of it is a cesspool of negativity
  15. I joined Peegs just for the month and the $1 and man do those guys make BTB posters seem like normal ordinary people… no offense :)