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  1. tomallenfan1

    Player decisions

    I will settle for being in the minority and agree to disagree. I think we all consider Mo Creek a Hoosier to this day. He transferred too and did what he believed what was best for him. It does not nullify the time spent in the uniform or with his teammates or positive impact he had on the community while here. I don’t get the negative view of transfers overall though. Students transfer all of the time. Sometimes it’s just not the right fit. Again, doesn’t nullify the time spent at the university/classes taken/friends met. I have lifelong friends I met at IU who transferred from other schools. They still root for those schools and consider themselves “Buckeyes/Flyers/Jaguars/Seminoles/etc”... along with being a Hoosier. It’s not exclusive. But I digress. My opinion. Don’t have to agree!
  2. tomallenfan1

    Player decisions

    Once a Hoosier, Always a Hoosier (unless you are Kelvin Sampson) He made the decision that he believes is best for him. Good on Armaan. No ill will.
  3. tomallenfan1

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I believe Lewis considered this position (and other HC opportunities) similar to what the kids in the transfer portal are doing now. IU athletic department was confident he would sign on, but he just went a different direction than assumed after some thought/time. It happens.
  4. tomallenfan1

    Player decisions

    No new news on Race. He’s keeping it tight and exploring his options. I think that one may be the last one we hear on if I had to guess..
  5. tomallenfan1

    Player decisions

    I asked the same source who notified me of this and they do not have a peg on which way Armaan is leaning FYI. Although they did say expect an announcement one way or another fairly soon (didn’t specify on time but I am assuming next day or so)
  6. tomallenfan1

    Player decisions

    Hearing good things about Geronimo returning. Hopefully that pans out.
  7. tomallenfan1

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I don’t remember where I saw it first, but there’s an expectation that the assistant coaches will all be announced at the same time (likely next couple of days). No confirmed names but speculation based on talk inside the department.
  8. tomallenfan1

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Have a source in athletic department. I was told to keep an eye out when I asked about Lewis after the game.
  9. tomallenfan1

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Michael Lewis to IU? I’m being told it’s very possible
  10. tomallenfan1

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    Cool update from my source in athletic department. Men’s Basketball looks to be headed to the 21st century in terms of rebranding itself. “Social media, video board, music before/during games, pep band music/uniforms, etc”. Expect more access to program and a total refreshed and modern look. Dolson isn’t messing around when fans are allowed back in. I’m sure everyone has noticed the increased marketing of CMW and the program recently. This is just the beginning. I don’t know about potential uniform changes yet!
  11. tomallenfan1

    College Bball Thread

    The only team beating Gonzaga is a hot shooting Baylor team
  12. My initial reaction to Woodson hiring was disappointment as I had believed we still had a shot at getting Oats/Musselman/etc. But ever since Goodman tweeted he didn’t like the hire AND Thad being announced as an quasi-assistant.. I’m feeling hopeful.
  13. tomallenfan1

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I would like to see: Fife/Lewis Hunter Roberts Shooting Coach
  14. At least they didn’t hire Alford.... right guys?
  15. Wow. I am pretty disappointed right now. Hope it works out for Dolson’s sake.