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  1. mjeze106

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Yeah, JHS's shots just weren't falling. His normal midrange game should have eaten that zone alive last night.
  2. As someone who went to IU and now lives 45 minutes from Champaign... this take is honestly laughable. 1) Champaign has a few good restaurants but it's nothing special 2) The State Farm Center is honestly the worst basketball arena I've ever been inside. My Purdue grad wife agrees.
  3. mjeze106

    IUBB @ Iowa - Thursday, 1/5/23 @ 9:00 on FS1

    I think he knew but just couldn't do it. You could tell me was mad at himself right away.
  4. mjeze106

    IUBB @ Iowa - Thursday, 1/5/23 @ 9:00 on FS1

    Go White Sox!
  5. mjeze106

    How far away is IUBB from being elite again?

    Did he pick up?
  6. Apparently Dane Fife at the game today in an IU polo.
  7. mjeze106

    Fire Steve Aird

    This is just my opinion based on anecdotal information... but it sure does seem like the younger generation knows how to handle social media better than the older generations. Especially when it comes to open vs. closed mindedness.
  8. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    Xavier Johnson
  9. mjeze106

    Xavier Arrested...

    The fact that it's a nice round number makes me believe it may be an estimate and not a radar. But who knows (which is kind of the point)
  10. mjeze106

    Xavier Arrested...

    I'm convinced that the older we get, the easier it is to judge the decisions of young men and women. Maybe it's because we forgot what we did at that age?
  11. mjeze106

    Xavier Arrested...

    *dumb college kids who’s brains haven’t fully developed doing dumb college kids things fixed it for you
  12. mjeze106

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    True... but man, he's the shooter we are missing.