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  1. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    This guy can relate...
  2. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    I split Youtube TV with 2 other families, pay ~$22 per month, and have unlimited DVR.
  3. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    If you happen to still have the YT TV app installed on your Roku, it should still work (mine does). Otherwise, it looks like there are some possible workaround that exist (AirPlay or Screen Mirroring, a link to Youtube TV from the Youtube app).
  4. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    This article does a decent job of showing how you can access BTN via a streaming service. How To Watch Big Ten Network without Cable | Grounded Reason Vidgo or Sling TV may be your cheapest options (but for Sling TV you may need both the orange and blue plans and the sports extra package) Honestly, I share YT TV with a couple other families and share the cost. It's my favorite of all the streaming services.
  5. mjeze106

    College Bball Thread

    You're right, nothing to do with college basketball but there is a great connection to Indiana High School basketball in there. The coach Ernie mentions is Phil Bollier who coached at Leo Jr/Sr High School in Leo, IN for many years (GO LIONS!). I graduated with his son. Really cool story!
  6. mjeze106

    2021 Transfer Portal

    6'1" and averaged over 7 rebounds a game... that's crazy impressive
  7. I'm trying to decipher what this has to do with our potential future assistant coach. Does this mean that if we get Mikey Lewis, there's a possibility we could some day find him crapping in front of Greetings gift shop on Kirkwood? If that's the case, I vote we look elsewhere.
  8. Maybe Dolson will pull the rabbit out of the hat?
  9. I’m very curious what this is about
  10. Goodman next week - "My sources confirm that Dolson zeroed in on Tom Izzo but he declined immediately because IU is a garbage job"
  11. Is Holtmann the potential "rabbit in a hat" that Peegs/Rabby were hinting at? I sure hope not
  12. Do you think Goodman thought to himself "there's no way this is true" before deciding to tweet that? Or does he really believe his source?