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  1. He has "it". Gregg Popovich is one of the all time greats, and he loves Brad Stevens. He is a major name nationally and gives us instant credibility as a serious program again. He will never live up to the fantasies that this fan base is cooking up in our heads, but we know this, and will always look at where we were and how things are better again because of a guy like this. It's possible that he doesn't do well here, but at this moment, right here, right now, knowing what we know, he is without a doubt the best option. If we could see into the future, than decisions are easy. If he comes here, could anybody say this was a bad hire? Nope. This is as unanimous a decision as there will ever be in sports.
  2. Other "fanbases" can make fun of us all they want about screaming and peeing our pants like a bunch of teenage girls at a Beatles concert, but that's why IU basketball is IU basketball. Very few other programs have the passion that we have, and none have our overall good looks and intelligence. If Stevens doesn't come we will be crushed, but we'll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and tip our cap to Dolson for going to the wall for this. We will get behind any coach that is can prove to be a winner at IU, Stevens just has the resume to be fully behind him from day 1.
  3. IUDan93

    General New Coach News

    If we don't let ourselves get excited about this, than what's the point? We got the doom and gloom down, nice to have any reason to be excited about IU basketball again, even if it doesn't pan out.
  4. IUDan93

    General New Coach News

    This can't be really happening, right? I mean it makes sense, but man, it seemed like such a stupid pipe dream for so long. How many of us can really use this kind of news after the past year, right?
  5. IUDan93

    General New Coach News

    I say Dolson gets a statue in AH if he pulls this off.
  6. IUDan93

    General New Coach News

    HSN and Btown Banners coming together is symbolic. "Stevens Unites Fanbase in Return to Indiana" could be the headline. We need a candle GIF.