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  1. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    I’m honestly not surprised since judging by his top 5, he clearly wanted to be in ACC country. But anything can happen
  2. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - PG Seth Trimble

    His Brother I think
  3. Waiting for the Scoop account to drop something
  4. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) OT Carter Smith to Indiana

    He is damn near a 4 star OT, been hearing that he could be one soon
  5. With the commitment IU moves to 28th nationally, edging closer to a Top 25 class. Smith potentially could be a 4 star soon, due is page not being updated I assume?
  6. We will be 30th after it gets assessed
  7. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    Me either, was hoping for someone to say something
  8. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

  9. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    Tone shifted a little on the Syracuse forum, they said Taylor started to like a few IU player’s comments, but they are still confident
  10. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    FutureCast for Syracuse by Tim Sullivan, he is a VT writer
  11. Trieu 7/10 pick for IU, seems like Carter is coming
  12. Hooserfan1901

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    IU takes control of the fancast on rivals
  13. Weaver 9/10 pick, I smell commitment
  14. We will wait on Cooper another day... Wiltfong has pinged a 7/10 CB for OT Carter Smith to IU