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  1. 51 here, and yes, Knight could be a little salty after a loss, especially considering, if I remember right, they were taped shortly after the Saturday game ended.
  2. Excellent post Scott, you and I must be about the same age. Oh, how I miss the games being on channel 4 with pre and post games, and let's not forget the Sunday morning coaches show, dad and I rarely missed one.
  3. If I remember right, Goodman wasn't all that impressed when UM hired Howard. I'm optimistic about this, could Woodson fail, of course, but many people's initial reaction to Archie was positive and look how that turned out. At least Woodson knows IU basketball and cares about this program. Matta in the fold is a definite plus. I'll be curios to see how his staff shakes out, he is obviously connected to some great former NBA players that could be added to the staff. Although I expect at least one other former IU player on staff.
  4. HoosierTownie

    General New Coach News

    Just a guess, but the last game today is Oregon and USC, does this mean the loser gets the IU job?
  5. Sure I'll play, I'm drunk. When the team currently paying your $4-5 million/yr and the team offering you $7+ million/yr both come to you and say "the guys on Btown Banners have screwed the pooch and let the cat out of the bag, go out there and lie your a$$ off so we have time to come up with the appropriate PR response to this exit", that's what you do. No, really, I get it, said earlier I'm holding out hope, that something along these lines is the case, but I'm also looking at plan B, C and D
  6. Angel's Envy tonight
  7. OK, I've had a bourbon (or 3-4) and some dinner, and the raw emotion has worn off. Still going to hold a glimmer of hope, this wouldn't be the first time a coach straight out lied about not taking a new job. But more realistically, we're on to the next option. I know we all have out opinions of who that should be, I certainly have mine, but none of them matter. Dolson is going to get who he can that he feels is the best option available. I'm a lifelong Hoosier fan and regardless of who the coach is I will cheer for our team and players.
  8. Wow, a lot happened on my drive home form work. Now I will drink my bourbon in sorrow instead of celebration. Still hold a glimmer of hope, I mean what else is he supposed to say at this point, but that was difficult to hear. I trust that Chris and 0708 were passing along what they heard, sucks if it turns out to be wrong, but I appreciate them sharing. As i said before, I believe in Dolson, he gets it, if he missed here, so be it, at least it sounds like he swung for the fences.
  9. I agree with your reasoning, but my thinking is that the delay is on the Celtics side. Brad has informed them of his decision, now they need time to figure out how they proceed, so the timing of the announcement is on them. Now if Brad is on the sidelines tonight, then I don't know what to think.
  10. Not bad for a Purdue Jockstrap...lol. This was my COVID project in my basement.
  11. WOW, incredible news, hope it all turns out as expected. Going to celebrate like it's happening, not going to worry about Goodman and the others, it's Friday, Brad Stevens will be our new head coach so I've got more important decisions to make....
  12. Exactly...someone owes my employer a days pay. LOL
  13. Visited Boston a couple of years ago, had an awesome time. Caught a game at Fenway (obligatory for any baseball fan), of course Cheers (Bull & Finch), so much history there, and so much to do, something for everyone.
  14. So if the Boca Raton flights are related to Stevens coming to IU, and the rumor of a 3pm announcement/press conference are true I'm a little concerned about the timing of this. If there is a flight currently in route from Boca Raton to Boston, but nothing coming to B-town, no way anyone involved could be in B-town by 3pm.
  15. First Post - wandered over here when HSN went down, I lurk more than I post, but appreciate the welcome the HSN members received when they had nowhere else to go, hamster wisecracks not withstanding...;). I really appreciate those that share the information they have, and understand that nobody will ever be right 100% of the time, but it's great fodder and I enjoy following the ensuing discussions. I'm not an insider and rarely ever get the inside track on anything, but I do live in B-town and try to keep my ear to the ground. I haven't heard anything about the coaching situation, but I believe in Dolson. He went to IU, was a student manager under Knight, and has worked most, if not all, of his professional career at IU, so he gets it. He may or may not get his coach this time, time will tell, but I am hopeful. If this information that has been shared here is accurate, I am of the opinion that the longer this drags out to become official, the less likely it becomes. Like other have said, if it is a done deal, you can't keep that a secret for long, so an announcement should be coming soon. GOI IU.....and.....Brad ****** Stevens