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  1. Magisterium

    (2022) - PF Kyle Filipowski

    not to mention Kansas, UNC and UVA....and, above all, Gonzaga
  2. Magisterium

    (2022) - PF Kyle Filipowski

    maybe not quite as handsome as Cody though.....
  3. Magisterium

    (2022) - PF Kyle Filipowski

    hate to say it, but if his stock keeps improving he looks like a classic Gonzaga or Duke recruit what is K now, 82? well, at least his hips aren't that old......
  4. Magisterium

    2021 Transfer Portal

    kinda hope Woody retains Hunter (unless MW feels he can bring in someone else who can hit the ground running in the portal)
  5. Magisterium

    2021 Transfer Portal

    would IU re-pursue Tre Mitchell? (if I remember his name correctly) or maybe he was a Bruiser Flint guy originally?
  6. Magisterium

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I can't remember: are either of the Duke transfers worth pursuing? sounds like UK will also try to get Kessler and Justin Powell--maybe Cal's loading up for one more run at the brass ring
  7. if Miller's let go it might be stated as being due to the investigation, but IMO the real reason would be "not enough wins" so maybe they'd at least look at Pasternack but boosters may feel he's not (yet) a big enough name and want to make a run at Oats or Musselman FWIW
  8. if Arizona lets S Miller go, Pasternack could be one of the main candidates to replace him, which would open up the UCSB gig and I'd expect Lewis to be a candidate for that job--also, I haven't followed it closely but if Utah State is now open....ditto
  9. will there be a DOBO or is that redundant now with Matta coming on board as AAD?
  10. Comar's health was probably more conducive to that than Thad's is....I have to think Matta accepted the position with the understanding that sitting on the bench, and travel in general, would be situational and would be Thad's call to make on a case-by-case basis. I assume Dolson was OK with that arrangement.
  11. IIRC it would cost almost as much (unfortunately) to meaningfully rebuild SSAH as it would to build a new arena altogether (or so the planning committees were told) if Wildermuth/Gladstein is left as is, I guess the only ways expanding Cook Hall might be feasible would be to the west and/or vertically somehow
  12. not sure what can be done in regard to facilities, except maybe renovate/expand Cook Hall somehow?
  13. Matta won't be able to "recruit" as such (off campus) and he won't be able to do any bench-coaching
  14. sounds like Lewis may be pretty happy where he is