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  1. Looks like HSN is down again...must be loading it up
  2. All the players entering the portal is a telling sign in my opinion...SD is starting to feel some heat internally i bet
  3. JudahRMK

    General New Coach News

    Cam is probably still counting money while reading all this with a slight grin on his face
  4. I wonder if Justin Albers post on here
  5. I can see SD now putting more pictures on his dart board and putting a blind fold on.
  6. ...im just going to start waiting for announcements...that are real
  7. Ppl on HSN are starting to think Stevens said no..and are on to plan B,C
  8. Im trying really hard to believe this will happen..what a roller coaster of emotions
  9. Damn is this really Happening...im standing and clapping for a big round of applause to 007,0708...guys dont have to say s%$t but they stick their neck out for us...right or wrong im Happy they do!!
  10. HSN picked the wrong time for the Hampster to quit...this is good stuff..