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  1. JMett94

    2024 General Recruiting Thread

    Thanks for the update! I will definitely be attending some North Side basketball and football games to follow his progress. I believe their basketball team was mostly underclassman this year, so as long as they stick together we should be hearing more about him for the next couple years. The year after Keion Brooks early departure to La Lumiere NS hired Gary Andrews as their head coach. He won 3 State women's high school championships at FW Luers and the a college championship at FW St. Francis. Hopefully he can do the same thing for the North Side boys.
  2. JMett94

    2024 General Recruiting Thread

    I'd love to see Brauntae Johnson of Fort Wayne North Side on the radar. But he might end up being a better Football player than basketball player. Put him in the football thread too!
  3. JMett94

    (2019) PF Sydney Curry

    KU gets Curry and we get Kansas City's Bates. Although I want A Fort Wayne kid at IU I think we won the trade.
  4. JMett94

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    I might be most excited about his free throw shooting!
  5. Steven’s wasn’t ready. No disrespect to woodsons ability to coach colleg kids, I hope he and we are successful, but maybe he wants the job AND is taking one for his team. He could be associate associate athletic director when Brad decides to come back to college.
  6. Disappointed. Don't really understand what he has to gain since he is already on track for all the offers he could want and to be a possible McDonald's All-American. I'd rather he transfer to a local parochial school and still compete in the state tournament. No Redskin Mr. Basketball or State Championship. Probably end up at MSU or Kentucky next.
  7. Khaliq played college ball in Richmond. Hopefully that and maybe a pay increase is the reason. Hate to think Brooks and his family have anything to do with it. I wonder if his dad will be a candidate for the Head job. He was an assistant and played at North Side. Has real coaching experience. There is a younger brother Derrion Brooks that could join North Side in a couple years, so maybe North Side would want to keep the Brooks pipeline flowing. Hopefully.
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  10. Might as well have them and everyone else involved. The more the merrier. He deserves to enjoy the courting process. But between his early relationship with MSU and his statements since Miller arrived and about playing for his state and his dads relationship with Schilling, I would be pretty surprised if he ended up at Kentucky or anywhere else. Just my opinion.
  11. Unless something happens to Izzo and MSU with the Nasser fall out and NCAA stuff I think MSU is in the lead with IU still having to try and catch up. If Kansas gets more involved I could possibly see that too, but I do not think Kentucky is an ultimate destination for KBJr. Just my opinion based on what I read and hear around the Fort Wayne area fwiw.
  12. Not sure what the rules are for posting from other boards, but I had this sent to me from someone on the SpartanMag board.... Versatile Brooks excelling in EYBL, talks MSU and Izzo Jordan Wells/TheHoosier.com Brad Kellner SpartanMag.com Brad Kellner is a staff member and analyst for Texas Top 100 and covered the EYBL event for SpartanMag.com. Brooks is ranked the No. 35 player in the nation by Rivals.com. DALLAS - Michigan State recruiting target Keion Brooks , a four-star forward from Fort Wayne (Ind.) North Side High School, absolutely stole the show for the Indy Heat at EYBL Session One last weekend, with many of his successes taking place while Spartan head coach Tom Izzo watched. With his combination of size and skill, Brooks poses a matchup problem for opposing defenses. He can handle the rock as well as a lot of point guards and his 6-foot-7 frame makes him dangerous on the low block. He’s one of those “too big to be guarded by a guard and too quick to be guarded by a big” type of players. Brooks was able to get it done both down low and on the perimeter throughout the weekend. Over the four games, Brooks made 12-of-19 from 3-point range (63.2%!) and was able to get to the foul line 37 times (24-37). In his team’s most anticipated matchup of the weekend, Brooks delivered, going for 30 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two blocks and two steals in an 83-68 win over Nike Team Florida, which features the likes of fellow five-star prospects Vernon Carey and Scottie Barnes . Offensively, Brooks just finds ways to make things happen. He averaged 21 points per game while playing less than 16 minutes per contest. He also averaged 2.5 assists over the course of the weekend and had countless hockey assists to go with it. Despite not being a traditional point guard, his Indy Heat teammates would often let him dribble the ball up the floor and control the offense. Brooks has a great feel for the game and his instincts really showed on that side of the floor. He and fellow five-star Michigan State prospect Trayce Jackson-Davis had a great two-man game going throughout the weekend, as well. This kid has the potential to be a star at the next level. Defensively, Brooks was tied with Jackson-Davis for the team lead in blocks with five over the four games. He was second on the team in rebounding (to Jackson-Davis) and also averaged about a steal per contest. Brooks was all over the floor and was flying to the ball while on defense. Plenty of prominent coaches (including Izzo) were around for all of his team’s games. Recently, Brooks has had in-home visits with Izzo, Archie Miller of Indiana, Patrick Ewingof Georgetown and John Calipari of Kentucky. The following comes from a postgame interview with Keion following his team’s 80-49 Friday night victory over Nike Phamily: Q: Do you feel like you have a position at the next level? You remind me of a Ben Simmons-type point forward. Is that someone you model your game after? A: Yeah of course. I like watching guys like Ben Simmons, Paul George, even LeBron. Just how they are bigger guys but are able to handle the ball with the best of them. So I just feel like if I can kind of steal from their game and put it into mine I can be very hard to guard and just be a very good value to my team. Q: What’s it like playing in front of big-time Division I basketball coaches? Does that add any extra pressure to you? A: To be honest, this year, not at all. Last year I was kind of star-struck at times. Bill Self here, Coach K there. But now it’s just playing basketball and trying to get a win. Q: Did you notice anybody out there tonight? A: Not at all. Q: For you personally, do you get more of a kick out of making a great defensive play or do you enjoy putting the ball in the basket a little bit more? A: I enjoy doing whatever I can to help my team win. That play where I pinned the ball against the backboard, I turned it over so I had to hustle back and try to make it up on the defensive end. I enjoy doing whatever I can to help my teammates and help myself be successful on the floor. Q: What are your thoughts on Tom Izzo and what is it like having him come out to your games? A: It means a lot because he’s been recruiting me for about three years now. He’s just continually pushing to build a relationship with me. He’s not slowing down. He’s not backing off. He’s coming with a full head of steam to try to get me to be a Spartan dog. Q: What has Kentucky’s central message been? A: Coach Cal’s message has been “Kentucky isn’t for everybody.” He felt like I have an edge about myself, feels like I can go in there and succeed and the way I’m able to play all over the floor he felt like I can play multiple positions and compete for a national championship at Kentucky.”
  13. You missed the point. I wasn't worrying or judging his dad on his shirt. I have met Keion and his dad and they are great people. He went to North Side as did I and his son does now. Their colors are Red and White. It was meant as it would be cool if he was wearing NS colors which coincidentally are IU colors and a little local humor against the other local high school Northrop Bruins. Did you go to Northrop? Never mind. I will just take it as it was not funny. My fault.
  14. North Side Redskins (Legends) = Red and White Northrop Bruins = Orange and White His dad is a former North Side star. Shouldn't be wearing Bruins colors, but maybe he is avoiding people like us making assumptions based on what they are wearing. Still someone needs to get him a new shirt! Can I do that without breaking any rules?