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  1. Just curious if anyone has or knows someone who has had to recover from DVT. What does the surgery fix or help? What is a typical recovery like for an athlete? Is is the strength that is hardest to recover?
  2. ViaSwiss

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    The same in-home that Crean clogged the toilet causing water damage. And IU couldnt cover the cost because it would have been a violation.
  3. ViaSwiss

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Wasters and David Duke we had a good feeling on.
  4. So many questions going into next year. -Can we find a legit PG to help RP? -Can we bring in a grad transfer or frosh who is a dead eye shooter ? -How do Al and Green shoot next year? 38%+ for both would be sooooo helpful. -Can DeRon stay healthy? His presence and passing out of the post are great. -Will Justin Smith return? If so, what role does he play? What role does he want to play? -Can TJD replace some of the offensive production and rebounding we will miss from Morgan? -Will Hunter come back healthy? This may be the #1 most important questions. I like what I am hearing thus far from his recovery. -Can Race get 15 minutes a game. His presence on the boards are crazy, but can his work on O improve? -Damezi will have every opportunity to step up. Between him and Arrmon Franklin one will be needed to put in 10-15 mins a game next year. Its easy to point fingers at Smith and I've done a lot of it. But he was only a soph this year. Kid still has two year of improvement ahead of him.
  5. Fort Wayne is neutral maybe compared to some other hardcore parts of the state. But it is still overwhelmingly pro-IU. You are correct that most of the big time players from here go elsewhere, but that is only because Davis and Crean refused to ever recruit Fort Wayne. Izzo, Pitino, Painter, and Matta were always seen in gyms here, but for some reason never IU coaches. In the last 10 years Purdue probably has 7 guys from FW, Michigan St has 2, Ohio St has 1, Michigan has 1-2, Louisville has 2, Notre Dame 1-2. Archie is already on Keion Brooks Jr and also Kaleb Furst.
  6. Jake's dad has never tweeted anything about transfering. Just that he thought Smith's play has been bad and he felt like Jake or Race or Clifton should get more opportunities. "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is lunacy" is the worst thing he has tweeted.
  7. ViaSwiss

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    ... Jakes dad is making it clear he doesnt like Smith as a player and he is getting a little frustrated that the other younger bigs arent getting a chance to show they are better for the team than Smith is. He was vocal about it back in November and it is definitely picking up more lately. He has posted multiple times that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and continuing to fail.
  8. ViaSwiss

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    I love that "he needs to add strength". I mean this kid is a sophomore. I'd almost be more worried if he already had that strength now, because it would potentially mean that part of his success is just being and "early grower" and has that advantage over his opponents. Imagine this kid another year or two when he has started to add some strength. One of the biggest things I noticed going into my Sr year in HS was how much easier the game was after I added strength to my game.
  9. I've never seen a kid miss more layups and dunks. Funny enough, Keion never tries to HAMMER his dunks for show. He basically lays them in nicely. Never once say him miss one.
  10. I believe I remember this account saying Romeo to Vandy or Kansas was a lock.
  11. ViaSwiss

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    I partially disagree. Romeo is pretty lazy on offense when he doesnt have the ball. He stands in one spot for long periods of time. He doesnt run off screen hard and he rarely cuts or looks for back doors. If you look at how much other players his "calibre" in the past (Held, Valentine, etc.) run in the past its probably 3-4x as much as Romeo. I love the kid, I am so happy he chose IU. But there is a piece missing from his makeup right now, and its his mentality. He is just not a killer right now. Some of that is on Archie, but a lot of it is on Romeo too.
  12. ViaSwiss

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    He just tore apart a potential D1 player the other night. He was coming off ankle surgery this past AAU season and missed most of it, while playing up a year in competition.