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  1. spe317

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    If anyone has the balls to grab Woodson’s attention—it’s X. He can easily identify guys looking for a sack of cash. He’d be nuts not to hear him. His input could make a …vas deferens on the outcome next year.
  2. But are his growth plates open?
  3. The more games I watch with 3’s raining down the angrier I get with the inside out comment.
  4. spe317

    College Bball Thread

    I’m listening to KY’s post game show on radio and it’s awful because I’m feeling bad because both programs are in the same situation. Feeling bad for Kentucky. What’s wrong with me??
  5. Can this discussion please not provide any glimmers of hope? My heart can’t take it anymore. Just bury me face down already.
  6. CMW is an x’s and o no’s coach. Maybe we could run BLOBs for every play.
  7. He’s basically burned his bridges in Arkansas and not sure anyone’s looking to touch him.
  8. Seems like it’s Dusty to Louisville. Hope he does well.
  9. KathywithaC is actually Brian “without a y” Evans. Prove me wrong.
  10. I read that as, a poor portal haul will definitely make last year the last year. No freaking way they can him mid-season or even pre-season. Unless they can fabricate an immediate health step down.
  11. First preseason loss next year will bring out the nastiest of nasty.
  12. I can see those years of graphic design classes are paying off.
  13. If Dusty May is the coach of Louisville next season, I’m going to vomit.
  14. May be the first instance of offering to “take care of your family” to get someone to come rather than threatening if you don’t come.