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  1. Ricochet

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    IMO Watford would be a perfect fit at IU. I have to believe that IU will have a transfer or two because these kids want to play ball and some are going to realize that they just aren't going to see much PT. Watford is the ideal prospect to take over the hybrid PF with stretch/point forward skills from Morgan. If IU was lucky enough to get Brooks and Watford to go with TJD and Franklin then IU is going to be so deep that it will lead to a transfer amongst the some of the frontcourt players. IU would have nice 1-2 punch at C with Davis and TJD. If Hunter returns to 100% and IU gets Brooks then you have one hell of a 1-2 punch at SF with Anderson trying to find minutes. Justin Smith has proven that he's more PF than SF and come next season IMO he stays at the 4. Geting Watford would once again create another great 1-2 punch. The backcourt is a little trickier as I think they without question need another PG as I think Phinisee is the only true PG that IU has. That said once Romeo is gone I don't think IU a true SG as I see Green, Durham and Franklin are more comboguard than anything else. If not a stud PG to form an awesome 1-2 punch with Phinisee then a stud shooter at SG but that doesn't seem to be in the cards and expect those 4 to make up the backcourt next season. I'm not hating on or starting rumors just going by deductive reasoning and logic that there 3 talented scholarship players vying to be a 3rd string C and/or 3rd string PF in this scenario. Those 3 are Moore, Thompson and Forrester. If this recruiting class really happens then I would think that especially Moore would want to move on because his competitive nature is going to want to see PT and it's just not going to happen with what IU's going to have on the depth chart above him. Unless there is some drastic changes I think the best Thompson and Forrester can do is fight for the 3rd string PF position. As I said before, this is nothing more than a guess/prediction and with no malice for the players that I think could transfer for PT reasons. So with said I think there is chance that IU will have 2 transfers after the seaon but believe 1 will without a doubt happens. The 2019 recruiting class will be 4 to 5 man class. The funny thing is elite talent wants to play with elite talent so the more 5 star prospects that IU lands the percentage of getting another greatly improves. Getting TJD has improved IU's chances to get Brooks. Getting Brooks IMO greatly improves that chances with Watford. Getting Watford would really open up the chances of adding better and better talents if they had scholarships open up.
  2. IMO he's going to college even if the NBA changes the rule because the one negative of his game is his lack of strength. His game is great, highly skilled but he needs to get vastly stronger before he can play against grown @$$ men.
  3. I thought it was the 8th grade or after 8 grade year. I think he's only been there for 4 or 5 years.
  4. Thats the same thought I've been having. He's an Indiana kid who's lived in Tennessee for maybe 4 years.
  5. Ricochet

    (2018) PF Jake Forrester to IU

    Juwan is the epitome of a good college player but that said the NBA isn't clamoring for players like him. Don't get me wrong I love the player that he is but he's not what the NBA is looking for and I don't see him getting draft after his senior season let alonr after his junior season.
  6. Ricochet

    (2018) PF Jake Forrester to IU

    I would agree if you're not a program that can't recruit one and done recruits. However this is the time to recruit the one and done types when 4 or 5 of those 7 would be 4-5 year players.
  7. Ricochet

    (2018) PF Jake Forrester to IU

    I really like the Forrester's upside but with Clifton Moore and Race Thompson in the '17 class and the guys that they are in on early in '19 at the PF and/or comboforwards it's a bit surprising if you ask me. Like Clifton Moore I can see him as a career 3rd string PF or he puts it together and reaches that upside he has but there is a reason both are rated 3 star prospects. I will like this pickup even more if he's (RS) red-shirted next season because the athleticism and upside is there but like I said before there is a reason it called up side and like I said before there is reason why he's only rated 3 star. It just makes sense to RS him IMO, because come the 2018-19 season IU is going to have a senior PF in Juwan Morgan, the very similar Moore will have a season under his belt and the RS Freshman with a year of practice under his belt. There is no real reason to waste a year on being the 4th PF next season.
  8. That's right not like UK. Having some mercenaries is fine actually its a good thing IMO but what I wouldn't want is team full of mecenaries. Having elite NBA talents that are 1 and done types will make those 4/5 year players better whether we like it or not.
  9. I have no problem with one and done's as long as its from a position of strength and they do it the right way and are actually student athletes.
  10. After all these injuries since HS and what we've seen out of Hartman in '15 -'16 there is no way he's going to have the lateral quickness or athleticism to guard the wing. IMO he's going to be part of a rotation ar the #4. With what IU has they are going to have to go small once again to get the best talent on the floor.
  11. IMO This is why Crean was fired. Even with crappy recruiters, IU should always have a Top 10 class because of who they are and a state that produces top talent. With what IU is and with a of top recruiters, they should be getting truly great classes that should push for the #1 from time to time.
  12. Because he's great, passionate guy who is loved in the hoops world by just about everybody. While he might have not been the best head coach, not all coaches are meant to be HC and that may very well be the case with him that said innthe past he has been known as a great right hand for the HC. I love this hire, great recruiter who will help get this team playing hard on D.
  13. It's funny that some of you guys mentioned Chuck Martin because I was coming here to post something about him. I just heard from a guy that I've known for ages now who's dialed into all this and we talked plenty of IU Hoops and all that is relevant about the program. So we got talking about Coach Miller's potential staff and it blows his mind how many people would rather have a former IU player on staff rather than having the best possible coaches and recruiters. From there we got talking about Chuck Martin and thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea to hold onto him because if IU wants to get back to the heights of the past that not only do they need to get the best of Indiana & the MidWest but to get national talents from the East & West coast. From what I've been told from someone I trust thinks that Chuck Martin was a HR hire but that it was Crean that in the end unraveled the easy layup of closing of prospects that Coach Martin set him up. I tend to believe this but have no proof but I'm hearing from someone who I know and who is connected to the hoops/recruiting world. But the reason I can believe it that it seems like IU was making in-roads with some of these top prospects. Quite a few of them were predictied that they were going to go to IU, but as Crean got more involved to close them it certainly seemed as thats when they pulled back or eliminated IU. It was then that despite being a good decent man (Crean) supposedly that there was talk of guys passing on IU because that he was way too weird.
  14. I'm not quite sure on this one but it certainly seems to fit the theme that Crean was doing something to creep out prospects. There have been way too many cases of top prospects interested in IU to then quickly drop IU as they got to know Crean and Co. better.
  15. Ricochet

    Welcome Coach Miller

    What IU needs is a coach that takes them to the next level hence the reason why Crean is gone and many of the names mentioned are just not up to par IMO. For example Marshall is horrible route to go, IMO. He's not a step up from Crean, infact he's more or less Crean 9 years ago. I'm just not sold on Archie to anything more than Crean. Bennett would IMO be a better hire than those two above though I'm not a fan of his style but he would make a good coach but I don't think he takes the program to the next level. It's obvious that the Stevens and Donovan are the the walk-off grand slam hires. But if the Hoosier are going to ever get back there true elite status they need to make the commitment and be spend what needs to be spent and making changes where they can to attract elite talent and they've shown some of that with IU having the largest recruiting budget even though they didn't get the results for the money spent. The point is if IU needs to have the highest paid coach then so be it and make it happen if thats what needed to get an elite coach. Because not only will that contract pay for it's self if IU gets back that elite status but that there is going rush on elite coaches here soon with some of these coaches getting closer and closer to retirement.
  16. However they are very different type of wings with one being shooter the other a slasher.
  17. I'm of the same thought myself but that said I would love to see IU get either one and especially Scruggs if he's willing to accept he's not going to be an out and out PG early in his career at IU if he were to come. I think IU is fine at PG for this season and next but as much as I like Green, until he proves it I think of him as a very good career backup PG. While I think Scruggs at the NBA is without a doubt a PG. In college because of his size, strength and general skill-set he can be more valuable just being on the court especially in Crean's system. The bouncing back and forth between PG and SG shouldn't be an issue and actually it should be benefit. So unless IU can get one of the truly elite 2017 PG's or Scruggs or Waters then the scholarship is better off used elsewhere and take a PG in 2018. I for one think IU needs to start adding some talent to this class, sorry I'm just not impressed with IU's recruiting with too many depth players instead of impact talent. Don't get me wrong it can't just be about elite talent and the glue guys and specialists are needed but what IU needs is the game changers to go with those guys. This class has IMO and no disrespect but one prospect who is nothing more than a career 3rd stringer at best, another who should be Red-Shirt(ed) then from there be a 3rd stringer who in time becomes a solid to good 2nd stringer. The other prospect in the fold I have faith in to be atleast a very good player who at worst should be a good backup to and become a solid starter in time but one who might also in time make that Oladipo/OG type jump but that can't be counted on happening as most of those types just don't pan out like that often and most of them bust or play to there ranking than become potentially top players like them. What IU really needs is an elite Center to replace Thomas Bryant. De'Ron Davis is a player that I like very much but what I would like to see is for him to backup Bryant this season, backup a stud one and done next season and then have him take over the starting job as a Junior.
  18. Ricochet

    (2016) PG Jaylen Fisher to TCU

    Well IMO there are a few players/prospects on IU's roster that aren't anywhere near the level of even being the 13th man at IU or even at a mid major program. None of these guys are going to scare off or play over a talent like Scruggs. Jaylen Fisher is a good talent that would be a good backup early on that would develop into a starter as an upperclassman. Devonte Green is IMO a good depth prospect that can handle the ball and shoot but nothing more than a role player early on who could develop into a good backup PG. From the people I've talked to say Gelon just isn't at the level to play at IU and he's never going to play as a 1 or a 2. If he makes at IU he's going to be a shooter off the bench at the 3. IU is going to play small and fast with a ton a shooters and scorers for quite some time and some of these 3s are going to see time at the 4 to allow guys like JBJ, RoJo and CuJo to see as much playing time as possible.
  19. Ricochet

    (2016) C Thon Maker

    Thon isnt playing the 3 unless in short spurts if they want to go big. IMO Thon at IU is ideal at the 4 with his skill set. DD is flexible talent that will see time at both the 5 and the 4. He's a good talent, actually a very good talent but he's not playing over Thomas Bryant at the 5 and he wouldn't play over Thon Maker or Colin Hartman at the 4. This isn't a bad thing though. Thomas Bryant is great but I believe that sometimes less is more and with a worthy backup like DD the less playing time to being even more productive. Not only do i think this helps Bryant's numbers it will also prevent a fall off at the 5 when Bryant is out. A Thon Maker / Colin Hartman 1-2 punch at the 4 with the added depth of Juwan Morgan would give IU a frontcourt that could be worthy of a NC. Thon's talent and athleticism with Hartman's experience, toughness and shooting could be something special.