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  1. Yeah, it's fewer minutes because it's different metrics. You ask someone how many minutes a game will Bates get and the thing I want to know is how many minutes per game will Bates play. I don't really care how it ends up when accounting for injuries, illnesses, and dnp's. I'm curious how his talent stacks up with the rest of our roster and how many minutes he commands. If you're concerned with how the minutes compare to last year's totals then 232 is it, I don't see the point in it, but to each their own.
  2. Except absolutely no one is wondering how many minutes Leal will get on average if you subtract games he does not play. What people do wonder is what an average actual game will look like with a healthy roster. 200 is the correct way to look at it for this exercise. 232 has merit, but it's not really what anyone cares about.
  3. Uhhh no. Nobody has it flipped, that's exactly how they are viewed
  4. Could be that Ainge wanted him til the trade deadline for a couple if reasons. 1. It gives the impression to other teams that there is no discord, no disfunction, no reason to think you can get one over on us. Business as usual, we are trying to improve. They were absolutely not looking to tank as some have suggested, rather they were very obviously trying to get better. You approach that in a strong unified way. Ainge has a history of playing hardball and giving another team leverage just isn't his thing, thus, your coach of 8 years is fully on board. 2. It's an obvious, if meaningless, stopping point in the season. "Stay til the deadline"
  5. Lol, no. There's nothing worse on these kinds of boards than fans acting like they know what's in a player's best interest... particularly when it is so obviously what is in the fan's best interests.
  6. sixseis

    Devin Davis Updates

    Actually, no, it isn't selfish of him at all. He's simply stating what would be a reasonable timetable IF Devin were ready to go. The poster even mentions specifically that he has no interest in Devin being rushed back.   Everyone is so interested in making it clear that they only care for his long term health that they haven't realized NO ONE is disagreeing. Y'all are tripping over yourselves to be the good guy.
  7. sixseis

    Justin Martin to SMU

    I had a dream before it was announced Martin was transferring that he committed to the Hoosiers. When I awoke I couldn't even remember who Justin Martin was. Looked him up, "Oh yeah, that kid", and continued with my day. Five or six days later and I see this topic.   I GUARANTEE THIS COMMITMENT.