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  1. Yeep! 3-0 for my Flyin' Lou Doos!
  2. InArchWeTrust

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    I assume TJD will “enter the draft” for feedback, correct? Seems to be the thing to do.
  3. I am not sure if you need someone, but if so I will take a team. I have no idea what I'm doing but sounds interesting. Now that I'm working remotely I don't have to worry about the firewall blocking me. If you are full, no biggie either. Thanks!
  4. InArchWeTrust

    High School Basketball Thread

    Not a bad Blue Group either .. 2021 is crazy deep in talent!
  5. InArchWeTrust

    (2021) PF Blake Sisley

    I have no idea on either. A 19.4 pts, 7.6 rbs, 2.1 asts junior year while playing with 2 other 1,000 point scorers isn’t too shabby though, IMO. He’s going to be a good one for somebody! The sad part for these boys is they most likely won’t get to see how things play out on the court. There is a huge matchup coming up for Sisley against Kaufman next round .. if it ever happens! Sisley went 24 & 10 the first matchup vs Kaufman in an OT loss to Silver Creek.
  6. InArchWeTrust

    2020 April Evaluation Period

    Will there even be an AAU season? If all keeps going as it is now, I'd think not.
  7. InArchWeTrust

    (2021) PF Blake Sisley

    If anyone hasn’t been there before, get there early! Parking is very limited near the gym. Great gym to watch a game once you get inside the Hatchet House!
  8. InArchWeTrust

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    Stayed in the league but not on IU's schedule next season, correct? I think that was one of the determining factors on where he landed.
  9. InArchWeTrust

    (2021) PF Blake Sisley

    Awesome game! How about that crowd tonight! Standing room only!
  10. InArchWeTrust

    High School Basketball Thread

    This will be a good one tonight in 3A! Heritage Hills vs Evansville Bosse
  11. InArchWeTrust

    Prediction League (Game 31 - Wisconsin 3/7/20)

    72 - 69 IU