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  1. My 4 yr old who says he "feels like a real James Blackman Jr" also-says he has a game against Ohio St@ 8.This kid n… https://t.co/dpsm2yZaD0

  2. @pierce_mumaw glad didn't let go... Can't risk him getting injured before becoming a Hoosier!

  3. @MargolisNews @insidethehall he was talking about HIS team?? Not the OTHER team?

  4. Scott May & Quinn Buckner just popped the champagne. #76Hoosiers #iubb #zags #byuhoops

  5. RT @BtownBanners: BTB: Sports Illustrated says 80% chance Crean is out. https://t.co/zUw9XMieNA

  6. @CNB__10 @Yg_Trece heard Pacers are trying to free up roster space, which could mean a PG trade for multiple players...

  7. I'm not sure if Indiana wins another game this year. This ship has sunk. #iubb

  8. RT @bkravitz: It's 56-43 and we're hearing boos at Assembly Hall. Except from the balcony. Which is largely empty.

  9. Is it football season in Bloomington yet?

  10. @logdizzle it's for real.. Multiple news sources talking about it

  11. RT @SInow: The legend. https://t.co/LEmoc0CGKz

  12. RT @SInow: Shruggin' like MJ. Shootin' like MJ. 22 points and six threes in the first half for Yogi Ferrell on 8-11 from the field. https:…

  13. I'd watch this before I watched the Pro Bowl! https://t.co/IsofkROX46

  14. RT @ChronicHoosier: New #iubb jersey https://t.co/9ff246plbT

  15. RT @HistoryInPix: A reminder for today. https://t.co/tqBTYNpiwx