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  1. Wisconsin is coddled by conference officials to the point of developing a habit of getting away with incredibly physical play. Then, come tournament time, the officials from other conferences do not allow/accept the moving screens, pushing, and holding Wisky teams are known for around the league. The thing is Wisconsin puts a very good team on the floor every year and I don't think they need all of that physical play to win. Still, bad habits come back to haunt them outside the conference.
  2. First time posting here. Like so many other longtime IU grads/fans, I was disappointed with the outcome this season and I began to have doubts about Coach Woodson’s ability to coach at the college level. Then, senior night happened; and Woodson brought the “true fans” and “I’m doing my job” and “understand that” comments. It seemed to me he had burned bridges at that point and IU would have no choice but to head in a new direction. Instead, IU loaded him up with NIL money and his first “lock” is another 5 star forward who signed with IU (when his NBA second league gig fell through). IU fans see what Woodson obviously can’t see . . . what he is doing isn’t working and more of the same is not the answer!