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  1. Gazing into my crystal ball I’m trying to find the new staff. I see a marathon runner staying on his path in Bloomington, a wolverine turned Hoosier turned spartan going back to wearing red and a brave Hoosier returning home to Bloomington.
  2. ClairvoyantHoosier

    General New Coach News

    The spirits are in turmoil as the Dolson of Scott is being haunted by ghosts of Hoosiers past. Can he escape their clutches or will he succumb to their ludacris demands. My crystal ball is cloudy but I do see strikes through the Drew of Scott and poor hobbled Gargamel. Also bearded lady sits waiting for a call.
  3. ClairvoyantHoosier

    General New Coach News

    Greetings fellow Hoosiers! I come from the great basketball beyond. Gazing into my crystal ball I see a coach in the republic making a lot of calls behind the scenes to Indiana. Will he be successful in his quest to be our next coach? Doh! Outlook is still cloudy.