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  1. OldBuddy67

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Do they like him? My sons trainer worked out Armaan and Rob last summer. I asked him about them in general when I found out he was working with them. He said the usual(good kids, hard working, etc) and ended by saying " I can tell you they don't like Archie, they both said he's a d*ck!" I didn't ask he offered it.
  2. OldBuddy67

    IUBB @ Wisconsin - 1/7/21 @ 7:00 ET on FS1-TV

    Trice! I'm nitpicking because he killed us last night but am I alone in finding it ridiculous that he is 24 and will be 25 in May? I know he's had some circumstances that have lead to him being in college still but come on?!? Only Wisconsin........
  3. Let's face it this came down to IU vs Purdue and the recent results on the court tell the tale. Archie needs to beat Purdue, period! Purdue's staff has had this in their back pocket since Archie has been here. A Southern Indiana kid going to Purdue, ridiculous! I guess we know how Purdue felt when Phinisee picked IU! I get madder the more I think about it! Become relevant IU and this nonsense won't happen again!
  4. OldBuddy67

    Negativity Thread

    Fair enough. However they are ranked and will be in the NCAA tournament. As well they have had more success in the last 10 years than IU.
  5. OldBuddy67

    Negativity Thread

    Trey Kaufman
  6. OldBuddy67

    Negativity Thread

    Exactly Lebowski!!! How bout schools like Louisville and Butler in the last two years?!? Everyone knows the issues Louisville has had yet Mack has them in the Top 5. Butler was down 1 year and now Jordan has them rolling! It's maddening that Archie has the recruiting budget, fans, tradition, etc amongst many other things of a fading fast blue blood like IU! He's in over his head! Sad what IU had become!
  7. OldBuddy67

    Negativity Thread

    I've emailed Glass and it's the same vanilla answer he's given everyone in regards to the Basketball program. Maybe flooding the Board of Trustees email is an avenue. Has anyone tried this? I am today. For those interested its bdot@iu.edu
  8. His shooting alone will put him ahead of Al and maybe Devonte. Regardless my starters: Phin, Devonte, Les, Jerome, and Trayce.
  9. OldBuddy67

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    You didn't put a DWS after that! Are you hearing something?!?
  10. OldBuddy67

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Hopefully Justin Smith is next!! I've seen enough of his half hearted effort to last me a lifetime! Other than him I hope the rest stay. Damezi could be a concern. Agree no one else needs to leave though.