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  1. OldBuddy67

    Player decisions

    Do tell please! Have heard bits and pieces
  2. OldBuddy67

    Assistant Coach Thread

    One assistant under the former regime is ok but regardless of how good CMW and Fife are, the former staff is somewhat to blame also with player development/results. Roberts as DOBO is fine I just don't want him as a assistant again.
  3. OldBuddy67

    2021 Transfer Portal

    With Dane in as a Coach I wonder if Rocket Watts is a possibility if Armaan leaves?
  4. OldBuddy67

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Has Mike Roberts role been defined? Is he out? DOBO? Fair or unfair i don't think a assistant job is warranted or looks good considering he was one under CAM.
  5. OldBuddy67

    Player decisions

    Agreed! If we all think back to Cody in year two he took and made some 15-18 footers and it really opened up driving lanes for Vic and Will! TJD does that and next year can be a lot of fun!
  6. OldBuddy67

    Indy Restaurant Recommendations?

    Fogo De Chao! If you like meat there is nothing better! Their fresh market bar is awesome as well!
  7. OldBuddy67

    Player decisions

    Yes! Basically this year didn't count eligibility wise for everyone.
  8. Great! Info that matters now is player retention. Bring it on my man!
  9. Gotta give it a chance!
  10. Yes! I got in a back and forth on Twitter earlier with a Ohio State fan. He basically said you’re a Hoosier no wonder! Unfortunately I don’t have a comeback for that. We IU fans at least had basketball success to throw in other fans faces in the past but don’t even have that any more!!
  11. While you don't want a new Coach coming into a situation where he has no players, what in the world did our players ever win? I just don't see this as that big a deal. Our players aren't that good as much as we all love and support them. With transfers this year in particular the right Coach can bring in new guys and be competitive next year.
  12. Chris check your PM please.
  13. Fans will really explode when he ends up at Duke, North Carolina, or Kentucky at some point! That has always been my fear since he left Butler.
  14. So I’m the worst optimist, but it’s definitely over?
  15. Why is that a bad thing? He’ll be treated like a god! Boston ppl are like a lot of east coast jerks! Much more simple living in Bloomington!