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  1. iamaparker1

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    Just a question.. I am confused . If he decides to cut some loose after this academic year, how would that be different than last year? Will we still take a hit? Or when you say " he wasn't able too" , do you mean he was not allowed too. So confusing. If was not allowed too last summer, will that be any different this summer? Just curious. Thanks.
  2. iamaparker1

    Radio tonight

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
  3. iamaparker1

    Radio tonight

    Does anyone know of a station that will stream the game, so I can listen ? Down here on the Ohio I can't get 1450 out of Jeffersonville. Thanks
  4. iamaparker1

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    I talked to a an assistant NA principal's wife with whom I work . She stated today that even Shannon has no clue where Romeo is going. Seems nobody there really knows. Not meant to be negative, but shook my confidence a bit.
  5. iamaparker1

    (2018) PF Race Thompson to IU

    I teach in high school and kids today can graduate in 3 years pretty easily. Many who go the 4 years, in our h.s. can finish their core 40 plus have 12 or more college credits. Our school system is trying to come up with the possibility of graduating with an associates degree. This is my 45 year ,so yes, it's changed a lot. No required " seat time" any longer, so kids can finish classes in weeks via computer...
  6. iamaparker1


    Just wonder. Could it be our February backside was the result that Crean already decided he wasn't returning and the players just said "forget it". Therefore little energy and probably some apathy and depression in SOME players part? Has OG been in the bench lately? I think Priller played last night because it was his last chance to play in assembly hall. He's gone I think.
  7. iamaparker1

    Blackmon Question

    I'm glad ,thanks guys.
  8. iamaparker1

    Blackmon Question

    Does anyone know if he was at the game yesterday? I don't remember seeing him and I don't see him in the team picture with the trophy?
  9. iamaparker1

    MSB Factoids

    MSB was offered the lead in the new Conan the Barbarian movie, but turned it down because he was told he couldn't wear the candystrips.
  10. Didn't Glass state last year that when he had his talk with the team that very clear consequences were laid down?  If so, Crean may not have any choice in this matter.  I for one think enough is enough. If a line was drawn last year by Glass and Crean, then they have to follow through. If they do not follow through with the consequences then this becomes more of a circus.  I just hope they were told that any more non sense would result in dismissal from the team   
  11. iamaparker1

    Hoetzel to transfer

    If Stanford can have a dancing tree as a mascot, why can't we have a dancing turnstile?
  12. iamaparker1

    Hoetzel to transfer

    Take this for what its worth, but an administrator at the hs i work in came from Louisville. He saidhe knew some of Remy's family and they said he transferred because if you're not one of "someones" favorites you aren't given second chances but if you are, then mistakes don't matter much. Not even sure if this should be posted somewhere else, but seems to fitherr.
  13. iamaparker1

    Stan Robinson transferring

    Geogia state? Max maybe,he seems tight with Stan?
  14. iamaparker1

    BB, I want to conduct an experiment...

    Theory...the reason we played with no effort against Iowa is crean told the team he is leaving...couple days to recover = better effort today. He wont be back
  15. iamaparker1

    @Illinois game thread. 1pm Sunday

    For my wedding gift, my dad bought me a tower and antenna with a motor so i could turn the antenna from inside. Best gift i ever had. A side note on my wedding night i watched IU VS UK and was never forgiven.