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  1. Bgrimm4

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I had a good long talk yesterday with a coworker who is originally from Dayton. He follows the the Flyers almost as much as he follows UK. We discussed the possibilities of renewing the UK rivalry, the recruiting Archie has done, and most importantly his basketball IQ. Overall he was pretty upset that Dayton lost him, while also being happy IU landed him. This is coming from a guy, who has found any reason possible, to give me **** for being the only IU fan at work. Like him, I believe the general consensus around the college basketball world, is that they are ready for us to be relevant again. They, like MOST of us, are excited to see Archie make us compete again. Personally, I was a little upset after the announcement like a few others. Although, after spending the entire day reading other coaches opinions, seeing his body of work as a whole, and thinking about where we were just a couple of months ago, I went to bed fairly excited. I firmly believe the only way to go from here is up. That being said, even though I'm going to miss my Belgian Ales, I'm ready to start stocking my fridge with Millers, and enjoying IU basketball again.
  2. Bgrimm4

    Welcome Coach Miller

    This is terrible. I woke up today to UK making it to the elite 8, and IU still not having a coach. Going back to sleep and trying this again.
  3. Bgrimm4


    Right? Tomorrow is set to be my busiest day at work in months. I'll be 100 pages, & 200 offsetting rumors behind by the time I can get on here.
  4. Bgrimm4


    You believe this is his real stance on Crean? Or just being polite?
  5. Bgrimm4


    Stage 1: Denial
  6. Bgrimm4


    This suspense reminds me of the few days before Christmas as a child. Am I going to get the new toy I begged and pleaded for, or am I going to get that lump of coal?
  7. Bgrimm4


    Yuck, they pulled a few of us to do JRTC down that way a couple years ago. Probably my least favorite place in the U.S. (Right up there with Lexington.)
  8. Thanks, it was better than I anticipated.
  9. Wow. All things considered, idk that I could've asked for a better first trip here.
  10. 17 mins until my first game at AH, and Crean's last game at AH.
  11. Bgrimm4

    BtownBanners Meet and Greet Thread 3.0

    Meaning Behind Username: - First initial, last name, & my number in High school Approximate Age and Location: - 26 living in Western Kentucky Are you a born and raised IU fan? - Absolutely When you first knew you were an IU fan? - I was just a "casual fan" until the 2001-2002 season that was the first time I actually sat down and watched them play regularly. What sports did you play in High School and College? - Football, Track, & BB. Besides IU, favorite sports teams? - Colts & Braves Did you attend IU? - You know how expensive out of state tuition is??? What is your favorite IU Basketball Memory? - Hands down the WatShot Who is your favorite basketball player of all time? - Ray Allen What is your favorite IU Football memory? - Probably Coleman busting the 2,000 yds threshold against Purdue. Who is your favorite IU Football player? - Tevin Coleman Best sporting event ever attended? - Thunder Pacers game last year Best IU sporting event ever attended? - Haven't had the pleasure of attending one yet. Although, I finally got surprised this Christmas with tickets for this weekend vs NW. Didn't quite expect the season to be where it is now, back then though. Lol What brings you to this board? - Living in Kentucky Basketball territory I needed something to keep me up to date with IUBB, & to find more people who hate UK as much as I do. [emoji16] How long have you visited/followed BtownBanners? - Since 2015 I believe.
  12. Bgrimm4

    The 2015 NCAA Tournament Thread

    Been a lurking here for a couple months. After the Bryant commitment and UK lost, I just had to share my excitement with some fellow Hoosier fans. It's hard to share enthusiasm being a IU fan living in Kentucky lol.