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  1. I say announce it next Thursday on the first. People will assume it’s all an April Fool’s joke... then when he really does leave at the end of the season IU will be like “hey, we announced this weeks ago”. Lol
  2. Ok I’ll go down the rabbit hole too. :-) Maybe even a directive from Brad/Celtics to quiet all the rumors, have the people who were originally talking try killing the story so that he could exit on their timeline. Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard as much from “sources” recently. All of which I’m fine with if it lands us Brad!!
  3. What’s the guru saying now that we are past 12:30? 1:00? Lol
  4. I hope the current coach was Allen... Brad’s probably running here right now from Milwaukee if he talked to CTA!
  5. I can’t quit Brad. I can’t quit this thread. Keeping hope alive!
  6. HoosierMama23

    General New Coach News

    No thanks! Too much shady recruiting stuff going on under his watch.
  7. HoosierMama23

    General New Coach News

    I was just about to go to bed and had to see Lander’s tweet. My work productivity and sleep have been at all time lows this week.
  8. If it happens tomorrow I will probably be between 11-12 ET. Right before the tourney. And the only hour tomorrow I"ll be in meetings for work.
  9. Sounds to me like he's starting to come up with his list of reasons it will be a good thing for the team, if say their coach were to leave...
  10. Love the name - former Teter Elkin resident here!
  11. No self respecting coaching search would be complete without some flight tracking!
  12. I mean, if this happens, the last 5 years of misery might just be worth it!
  13. HoosierMama23

    General New Coach News

    I mean, If we get Brad, it’s all good man!
  14. HoosierMama23

    General New Coach News

    This is what worries me. I had myself convinced BD was our coach 4 years ago and it's already happened again with BS this time around. Didn't someone post a picture of Charlie Brown and Lucy saying "Brad Stevens is answering our calls this time Charlie Brown" right as she's about to yank away this football. My head tells me that's what will happen again but for now, until it does (or hopefully doesn't) ... Brad is our man!!!!