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  1. Agreed. Poor Darius. He must be mad. Very, very mad.
  2. Yeah agreed. MSU is imploding and I think we would get him anyways.
  3. Race is the big connection here.
  4. I just disagree. Ryan Taylor decides in a couple of weeks but Romeo can't decide in 6 months?
  5. Cody inherited a 3-15 team and narrowly lost to the eventual champion UK who happened to shoot 35-37 from the line that night in his freshman season. The next season his team won the B1G outright and if he'd had a coach that knew his @$$ from his elbow likely would've hung banner 6 for us. Cody's impact was enormous. Don't blame him for Crean's shortcomings.
  6. What about Hunter and Smith?
  7. Sounds that way. When was the last time we had multiple burger boys in the same class? I don't count Josh Smith since he never played here.
  8. Just seems way too coincidental that Taylor just committed to NW.
  9. Certainly sounds like something is going to break soon and I'll be elated to be wrong. Go IU!
  10. He got hit in the eye? I'm assuming that he told Garland that he's not going to Vandy.
  11. Noah Vonleh? Really? Lol. We didn't even make the NIT that season. And Eric Gordon? Kelvin Sampson says hi. We got blasted in the first round his season. We haven't been past the Sweet 16 in 16 years.
  12. It just seems that for the past 25 years everything that possibly can go wrong for IU basketball always does go wrong. We never seem to be able to catch a break. That's really why so many including myself are negative.
  13. Sure seems like it but this is one strange recruitment. Absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point.
  14. The check cleared? That's how I read it.