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  1. Benziu

    Player decisions

    I think you are correct, Minnesota being a train wreck probably really helped our cause with Race.
  2. Benziu

    World Wide Wes

    I’ve always thought www was a little shady, but I’m giving CMW the benefit of the doubt as it relates to running a clean program. CMW is a Knight disciple thru and thru. I’m not going to worry about compliance with the new staff till I have a reason to.
  3. I take this more as that he is thinking about what this means.
  4. So who gets to be the lucky lead assistant/associate head coach... Fife, Lewis, or CC? My vote is Lewis then Fife then CC
  5. This was obviously plan B..... but it’s an interesting plan b and I’m a Hoosier ride or die... GO HOOSIERS!!!
  6. Benziu

    General New Coach News

    Of these two coaches I think I would prefer mills from ODU.
  7. Benziu

    General New Coach News

    Oates are back on the menu boys!!!
  8. Benziu

    General New Coach News

    The media a holes saying Texas and Marquette are better jobs than IU know what they are doing. Quickest way to get clicks is say something about a edgy fan base.
  9. Benziu

    General New Coach News

    If thats it, then like Norman Dale said, my team is on the floor. I only want players that want to be Hoosiers.
  10. Benziu

    General New Coach News

    It’s funny every time... no exceptions.
  11. All of Moyes suggestions are good, I recommend the Floyd County Brewing company as well, really good food.
  12. Right by the high school you are limited to a White Castle and a Rally's, there is a ton of stuff downtown in New Albany. Just depends on what you like.