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  1. Call the box office because I can't remember where we came in, but they have great parking for the handicapped. It will be the same lot that Glass and the recruits use. Easy in and easy out. Get there a bit early, have your handicap sticker in plain view. Inside you will be right by section 8, floor seats.
  2. jumpshot53

    ? for those familiar with Assembly Hall

    Thanks guys. I will call the Hall and check it out. I have been in Assembly Hall, but paid no attention to any steps there, and it's difficult to see on tv.
  3. I have 4 tickets for the IU/PU game on Jan. 28. Our seats are in section 8, 4th row. These are floor seats directly crossed from our team. I am taking my son, his wife and my mother. It just occurred to me that my mom may have trouble walking up the bleachers because she has issues with one of her legs. She can do fine with normal stairs, but the bleachers are higher than a normal stair step. Does anyone know if there is a set of steps along the side the floor bleachers for her to use to get to the 4th row? Once she gets seated, she probably will stay in her seat until after the game. I'm just want her to be comfortable, she's in her late 70's, active, but having a problem with her balance and stepping high right now. Thanks for any help!
  4. jumpshot53


    I looked around the internet yesterday and I saw a lot of respect for IU from competing basketball fans. Many people were saying Illinois, NC State and others were screwed now that the Indiana job was available. People were saying that Crean did less with more than any coach around. That word "elite" gets thrown around so often, it's ridiculous. Kentucky fans arguing with Duke fans about who is more elite? They do that, as do other school fans. Too many people worry about being crowned the best of the best. It's such a dumb argument IMO.
  5. jumpshot53


    Like him or not, Dakich is talking new coach, interesting!
  6. jumpshot53


    What a day to join here today!!!! Crean did say in his last presser, he wouldn't change the way he coached. That was probably enough for Glass! Woohoo!!
  7. jumpshot53


    I've followed IU basketball since the late 70's. I was at the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne when Knight brought his team to town for a practice. The place was sold out and it was such a thrill. It was like celebrities coming to town. I wish some of the younger fans could have experienced what we had. It's depressing because we could have it again, or close to it, which would be great. Just a few idiots standing in our way, and of course dragging Crean out of town kicking and screaming.
  8. jumpshot53


    First time poster, been lurking awhile. There are MANY more people like me that haven't spoken out on message boards but we want him gone too. If he is retained, I will join any movement to help stop attendance next year, or go on a strike in front of cameras to keep people out of AH. I think it will come down to "we the people" to save our basketball program. If they make the wrong decision, let us be ready to not go down without a fight. Just be prepared with notes on stats, games, and comparisons to other coaches and schools, so we look and sound as if we are well-informed, not just ignorant fans.