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  1. I love that Geronimo retweeted Trace about staying. I really think Geronimo will be a great player and hope he stays too!
  2. jumpshot53

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Dane's wife is from Kokomo, she played basketball there. Their daughter's name is Quinnley, named after Quinn Buckner.
  3. jumpshot53

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Didn't Gene Keady serve as a special assistant to Steve Lavin at St. Johns? Would Larry Brown be something like that? I thought it was pretty cool when Gene did that.
  4. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    Hiring a 68 year old who WILL win, will avoid the carousel. If he stayed until he was 75, like a Boeheim, Coach K, etc are right now, then that would make IU a very attractive job for the next coach. Right now, apparently we're considered a lateral move, we're hoping someone chooses us, and who is to say that our next coach (young or old) will last 10 years. The names we are all talking about are a gamble right now.
  5. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    The reason I like the Beilien hire is to avoid the coaching carousel. The names being tossed around haven't accomplished what he has IMO. I think most of these guys are a gamble. It would be great if we could find a younger guy, willing to stay and build the program. I just don't think we'll find someone without some baggage, and that seems to be a big deal to many fans. I guess my view of age is having a family business with not only the rigors of running a company with over 100 employees, but seeing the owners still work in the field, doing extremely difficult physical jobs that many younger guys couldn't or wouldn't do. When you come from a farmer background, hard work is a given until you just can't move anymore, usually in the upper80's. The funny thing is, these guys are healthier and seem to be happier than most people I know. I'm just hoping we choose a proven winner really.
  6. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    I find it a bit strange that with all these basketball coach openings, no one has hired Beilien. When we first fired Archie, I scanned many fan sites and nearly everyone was saying we would probably hire Beilien. Kentucky fans were really sure it would be Beilien, just like fans from most of the BIG schools. Maybe we did hire him...lol.. and that's why it's so quiet. I expected to hear someone hired him. He is the most accomplished coach out there at a high major program. BTW, about his age. People can be productive way past 68, look at Sister Jean. I'm not saying she is productive now at 101, but , she was probably doing well into her 90's. I know many people still doing quite well at almost 80. Beilien's age isn't really a factor.
  7. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    It seems that the one thing that other blue bloods and highly successful programs have in common is, their coaches have stayed for a long time. Coach K, Bill Self, Roy WIlliams, Calipari, Few and Izzo have been at their schools for years. UCLA, has been like Indiana, they change coaches when things don't happen quickly. Even Purdue with Painter being there for a number of years has built an identity and I think they will continue to do well. I think K Sampson would have worked out quite well if we had kept him. Mike Davis may have done well, eventually. Crean...no...IMO. he is too much like Fran McCaffery. If you don't play defense, the Wisconsins of the world will slap you around. Would Archie have adjusted to the BIG in time? I don't know but it would be so nice to get someone to stay at IU for a long time. Those guys have the success it seems. Just rambling here, wishing this search was over.
  8. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    The mention of Facebook grandpas got my attention. I have kids that play competitive sports, and to them, anyone over 40 is a grandpa. There is little difference between a 40 something, or a 60 something in their minds, so age won't really matter to these kids. However, reputation is everything. If a coach has NBA experience, or has put players in the league, these kids will listen. They don't care about the age, like I said, if you are over 40, you are included with the over 60's in their minds. We all need to get over the age thing, kids don't care! We are all old to 18 year old kids. I do worry that some of us are so enamored by coaches this year that are looking like super stars in the tournament. Every year a few coaches emerge that look like world beaters, but really, over the years, most have fallen back to earth. I don't have the answer, it's hard to tell who is really going to be the next greatest thing. I do know that I don't care what our rivals say on Facebook or twitter, (honestly, who really worries about that?), but seeing coaches that have accomplished so much over the years get mocked because they are "old" or not in this years sweet 16 does bother me a bit. This is an extremely easy year to to get to the final 4. Where is Kentucky, Duke, or one of the powers that would make this a normal difficult year? I really don't see any superstar teams, just some teams that are taking great advantage of the easy road to a final four. I know we need a coach, but I try to keep everything in perspective , this is not a normal competitive March Madness and we don't need to get desperate.
  9. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    Beilien is still highly thought of with kids. I think he started slow in the BIG because he was learning the conference. He is way past that now, he could win at any BIG school now, and his successes were pretty recent. He isn't that old, people do well at his age. Look at our recent Presidents...lol. John seems like a kid next to them.
  10. jumpshot53

    Knight In Declining Health

    I met Gene at a charity golf event. He was so kind to everyone, just a really good person. He was very humble and laid back. I remember thinking how he could show such fire on the bench and actually be this sweetheart of a man. Gene and Bob look great in that picture too.
  11. jumpshot53

    General New Coach News

    Hey there, I might as well jump in. I don't think we will get Brad Stevens. I think his family is very happy in Boston. We'll see and I have no inside information. Just a feeling. I do like John Beilein. I think he was a fantastic coach and he is a good person. I believe when he first came to the Big Ten there was a learning curb, which he handled quite well. I do believe that having someone who is familiar with the BIG would be a big help. This goes for Matta too. Both men would be very comfortable here. Painter has gotten comfortable over the years and he's proving to be a good coach. I wonder how many coaches out there can just jump in and win right off the bat in this league? Of course there are super coaches, but how many? Just my opinions, probably wrong, I thought both Crean and Miller would do much better here. Lol...what do I know.
  12. Call the box office because I can't remember where we came in, but they have great parking for the handicapped. It will be the same lot that Glass and the recruits use. Easy in and easy out. Get there a bit early, have your handicap sticker in plain view. Inside you will be right by section 8, floor seats.
  13. jumpshot53

    ? for those familiar with Assembly Hall

    Thanks guys. I will call the Hall and check it out. I have been in Assembly Hall, but paid no attention to any steps there, and it's difficult to see on tv.
  14. I have 4 tickets for the IU/PU game on Jan. 28. Our seats are in section 8, 4th row. These are floor seats directly crossed from our team. I am taking my son, his wife and my mother. It just occurred to me that my mom may have trouble walking up the bleachers because she has issues with one of her legs. She can do fine with normal stairs, but the bleachers are higher than a normal stair step. Does anyone know if there is a set of steps along the side the floor bleachers for her to use to get to the 4th row? Once she gets seated, she probably will stay in her seat until after the game. I'm just want her to be comfortable, she's in her late 70's, active, but having a problem with her balance and stepping high right now. Thanks for any help!
  15. jumpshot53


    I looked around the internet yesterday and I saw a lot of respect for IU from competing basketball fans. Many people were saying Illinois, NC State and others were screwed now that the Indiana job was available. People were saying that Crean did less with more than any coach around. That word "elite" gets thrown around so often, it's ridiculous. Kentucky fans arguing with Duke fans about who is more elite? They do that, as do other school fans. Too many people worry about being crowned the best of the best. It's such a dumb argument IMO.