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  1. IlStateLineHoosier

    OT: The Newest Baby Hoosier is Here!

    Mrs USPS (my Sis-in-law) better start playing defense herself! That house is getting smaller and smaller! I told ya you were going to be famous, now you've made it to BTB status! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. IlStateLineHoosier

    The Max Bielfeldt Appreciation Thread

    He was everything we hoped for and more. The extra time spent with his brother in law and a lot of hard work paid off!
  3. IlStateLineHoosier

    What About RoJo?

    Tweeter drank beer, 'cause Tweeter drinks beer
  4. IlStateLineHoosier

    IU Will Be More Successful If???

    As long as everyone has progressed at a normal level from last year, Thomas Bryant, he is the piece that has been missing for a couple years. Thomas adjusts to the college game and everyone stays healthy...happy Hoosier Nation!
  5. IlStateLineHoosier

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    The picture says 245, other publications say 220. What's the story? There's a huge difference in those 25 pounds. Come on 245!
  6. IlStateLineHoosier

    (2016) C Thon Maker

    Thon Maker...Come on down!
  7. IlStateLineHoosier

    Yogi Thanks Fans

    It means the season is over!
  8. IlStateLineHoosier


    The way he grabbed it with both hands on the way down bothered me. There didn't seem to be any effort to keep from hitting his head on the deck, the knee was the only concern. Next man up!
  9. IlStateLineHoosier


    Yogis mom tweeted some time back that "Yogi has no Twitter account" ...just what she said. https://twitter.com/doclibby/status/562023877807599617
  10. IlStateLineHoosier

    Line up when Hanner gets healthy

    Put me in the "Puzzled Crowd" when it comes to the Hanner situation. Unfortunately I smell a rat, hope I'm wrong.
  11. IlStateLineHoosier

    IU Vs Gtown (Post Game Thread)

    Gtown shot almost 54% from the field and nearly 64% from 3. I think their missed and shoulda mades all came out in the wash.
  12. IlStateLineHoosier


  13. IlStateLineHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Will make my day go a lot better with all the Crywhini fans at work in Monday!
  14. IlStateLineHoosier

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU