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  1. alpal206

    BtownBanners Meet and Greet Thread 3.0

    Meaning Behind Username: - Alpal206: alpal was a nickname for Ally and my birthday is February 6 Approximate Age and Location: - 27, Chicago Suburbs Are you a born and raised IU fan? - No actually grew up with the Illini (I know, I know); my parents both went there but my uncle did go to IU in the early 80's When you first knew you were an IU fan? - When I arrived on campus but I became die-hard after I attended the IU/Kentucky game; been that way ever since What sports did you play in High School and College? - Some tennis Besides IU, favorite sports teams? - Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears Did you attend IU? - Yes, class of 2012 What is your favorite IU Basketball Memory? - IU/Kentucky game and celebrating on Kirkwood afterwood (also going on the court) Who is your favorite basketball player of all time? - Probably Yogi and Vic What is your favorite IU Football memory? - Not many good memories from when I was a student haha but had fun at the games and tailgates! Who is your favorite IU Football player? - Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard (now on my Bears) Best sporting event ever attended? - IU/Kentucky 2011 without a doubt Best IU sporting event ever attended? - Same of course What brings you to this board? - My passion for IUBB and wanting to stay in the know, especially at a time like this How long have you visited/followed BtownBanners? - Over a year Like this
  2. alpal206


    Happy to see you back here! Hoping it's for some good news...like these Billy D rumors :)
  3. alpal206


    Thanks for all of the welcome's. Guess all of us lurkers are coming out because enough is enough. I hoped 2013-2014 was a fluke but this season's been a disaster. And it has been since Ft. Wayne- can't blame that on the injuries. Seems like most of the fanbase is finally on the same page though. I would offer Hoiberg to get him away from my Bulls, but I think we may want more of a defensive minded coach...just a hunch.
  4. alpal206


    Hey btownbanners! Long time lurker/new poster here. I guess you can say my increasing want for Crean to be fired has led me to finally post. I enjoy reading all of your posts and look forward to the day everyone can celebrate our new coach at IU. I graduated IU back in 2012 and did get to meet Crean and supported him back then. I think that Syracuse game in 2013 was when I started to question him. I was even at the IU/Kentucky game and nothing can describe the feeling that night. I worry if Glass brings him back next year, there could be irreparable issues for the program going forward. Hoping IU can land someone great to bring us back to the good old days!