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  1. Nice job Hoosiers, hope Morgan and ROJO get healthy soon, March injuries are the worst....
  2. Kineticz

    IU v. Wisco Game Thread 2/3 7pm on ESPN

    This a poor showing... Had to change the channel, not going to risk 14 days without a cigarette over crappy defense and bad jump shots, I may have finally accepted Crean has no idea how to maximize talent, and we need to cut the cord sooner rather than later
  3. Don't know if I agree with your level of standards. Remember these guys are fairly young. You have to encourage without inflating egos, you can't beat them down or they won't develop as players, or as a team.
  4. Still feel like we are giving something up when he and Troy are on the court at the same time. A small team can not afford to have two guys that aren't a jumping shooting threat on the court at the same time. Let's defenses pack it on us. Hard to score when you can't drive and kick to a shooter.
  5. Looked like there was a lid on the basket at times, glad the boys kept fighting. This win may help to get us back in a groove. Winning a game when shots aren't falling will have to boost confidence going forward.
  6. Kineticz

    IU vs Rutgers Game thread

    These recent performances are enough to push me back into smoking....
  7. Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers..... Very sloppy game.
  8. Kineticz

    IU vs. Maryland Game Thread

    Looks like Hartman ate his wheaties!!!
  9. Kineticz

    IU vs. Maryland Game Thread

    Need to keep going at a quick pace, Maryland looks lost in transition d.
  10. Going to be a long season if our guards can't keep people in front of them, and no rebounding will only make it worse
  11. Just trying to put a positive spin on the situation, they could have ruled him completely ineligible, at least he still gets to ball for his new school.
  12. Think it will make the Indy area JV kids better in the next few years?!? One can only hope his talent inspires some kids to get after it!!
  13. Kineticz

    This topic came up at work today

    Was mentioning how great his shot was before he ?seperated? his shoulder, never seemed to be the same after that, I remember his shot always seemed a bit short after his injury, but he still hustled and played strong, not trying to start stuff, but always thought he could have been really really special if he was healthy
  14. Kineticz

    This topic came up at work today

    On court, Brian Evans, that guy just couldn't stay healthy, hell of a big shooter.. Off court Armon Bassett, ring leader of the Sampson chaingang
  15. Kineticz

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Pepe getting a red card helps us tremendously, he was a big body that could eat space during dead ball situations. Wish we would have Jozy for this match, but feel like we can scalp a couple goals from corners. Just need Bradly to show up in better form than he showed vs Ghana. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners