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  1. trailrunner

    Potential Transfers

    I think Green leaves with Robert coming in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. trailrunner


    Well here is your warning. I don't like being censored or told what I am allowed to say. So your forum is now deleted from my life. Too many Crean lovers trying to control the debate. Too bad you can't control the future but his days are numbered. He divided our fan base and that is his legacy. My last post.
  3. trailrunner


    This is the same offense we would run on the park courts of Broad Ripple many years ago. Alley ball
  4. trailrunner


    I don't really care whether you are offended and you are the one who is ignorant. I support IU not a car salesman. Guess what I am a Christian but I don't use it as a gimmick to garner support or prop up my image.
  5. trailrunner

    Wake Forest Post Game Thread

    Wasn't he coaching this game?
  6. trailrunner

    Wake Forest channels

    Channel 3 in Raleigh
  7. trailrunner

    IU vs SIU Game Day thread

    We got a penalty before the season began. Think about that. We won because of a dropped conversion. This is an embarrassment. It's difficult to watch.
  8. trailrunner

    IU-SIU Post game thread

    Same ____ different day
  9. trailrunner

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

    You may be on to something
  10. trailrunner

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

    Was there another freshman in the vehicle?
  11. trailrunner

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

    Barring a major infraction you are probably correct. Look objectively at the money making sports. Football predicted to compete for last again and we can't attract the top instate hoops players. Basketball becoming an embarrassment on the national stage. Would Glass last at most Div I programs with that resume? Doubtful. Time to turn the page. Pay the money necessary to hire the best and make it back in spades.
  12. trailrunner

    Season prediction- full schedule

    It's on so I suppose I will get the default alert. Usually I set my own and I was unaware I could be alerted if I did not. Thanks for your help.
  13. trailrunner

    Season prediction- full schedule

    Yes iPhone 6
  14. trailrunner

    Season prediction- full schedule

    Got it added. Thank you. Not sure if I can set alerts for start times