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  1. Halftime Adjustment

    No Holt?

    I didn't get to see the game but must admit I was shocked by HMP's ZERO boards in 29 minutes. I don't see how that's even possible unless both teams are making all their shots. We can only hope this is an aberration. I don't care how many deflections he gets (that's a lie as I do care) we MUST get strong boarding out of him or we will be toast. We're just too small inside for him to take a night off against a good team with quality bigs.
  2. Halftime Adjustment

    Peter Jurkin leaves Indiana

    What I don't get is that if he couldn't play due to injuries then why does he seek a program where he can be on the court more? That doesn't make any sense.   From the IU website:   Bloomington, Indiana - Indiana University men's basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that center Peter Jurkin, whose playing career has been limited and hampered the last two years at IU and previously in high school by various leg ailments, will look to transfer to a school seeking more playing time. "Peter has indicated his desire to try and find a program where he can get on the court more," said Crean. "He has had an uphill battle health-wise since he arrived. He believes he can get to a point where he can contribute at a level greater than what he is able to do here. Our priority is that he can obtain his education and he always is welcome to do that and be part of our program at IU." Jurkin, a 7-0, 230-lb. center, played 18 minutes in 11 games and scored two points this past season. He was limited to three games in 2012-13 and is eligible for a medical redshirt. He played eight games this past year and earned Academic All-Big Ten honors. "I want to thank Coach Crean and everyone on the staff for helping me through my injuries and the death of my father," said Jurkin. I will always consider myself a Hoosier and think it is best if I look at another opportunity to pursue my education and continuing my playing career. Physically, I still have work to do but will hopefully be up to the challenge."
  3. Halftime Adjustment

    BtownBanners Caption Contest- Week 3

      The next dumbass that asks me HoosierMama? is gonna get a punch in the nose. It's NOT funny anymore ok!
  4. Halftime Adjustment

    BtownBanners Caption Contest- Week 2

    Hey Jeremy, it's this way to Oz. Just follow the yellow brick road. Maybe the wizard will give you a heart. He's already shown Luke the way home.  
  5. Halftime Adjustment

    BtownBanners Caption Contest- Week 1

      Coach could you please describe how you plan to attack your opponent's 2-3 zone defense?
  6. Halftime Adjustment

    Tacko Fall! 7'5" (8' wingspan!)

    Sign him up! And while you're at it CTC, sign up his 7 yo brother too!  
  7. Halftime Adjustment

    Yogi will be a 1st team All-American

    Ohreally.  This is exactly why, thus far, I’ve avoided commenting in this site.  I don’t have the time that many others seem to possess.  I stand by my assessment that the A/T ratio is an important parameter.  However, you are correct to say that it says nothing about either the numerator or denominator.  So let’s look at those.  Yogi had 3.92 assists/game which puts him at # 109 on the Real GM list of point guards. The PG with the highest number had 9.90 APG.  Yogi had 2.62 TPG which put him at #75 from the worst PG who had 3.97 TPG.  Neither of those numbers gets me excited.  Yes I gave Yogi credit for scoring and I’m sure your statistic that mixes turnover rate, assist rate and true shooting percentage is an extremely valuable measure of success; and yes I’m sure we could create other measures which are equally enlightening, and yes there are many other factors that help contribute to said numbers such as the quality of his teammates, but my point is that, as a point guard, we need him to be getting his teammates involved and creating open shots for them.  That is the true value of a point guard.  I never called Yogi a selfish player (that’s your interpretation from my comments) and I qualified my comments with the fact that I don’t get to see many games which sucks so I’m certainly going on much less than others bring to this forum.  Anyway, I’ve said my piece and probably won’t respond to any other comments as a work week lies ahead of me. I think we both wish the Hoosiers greater success next year.
  8. Halftime Adjustment

    Yogi will be a 1st team All-American

    I'm brand new here.  I'm an IU alumnus currently living overseas.  When IU was ranked at the top nationally I got to see quite a few games although that usually meant getting up at 3 or 4 AM to do so.  With their recent demise games were hard for me to come by. I check the box scores after every game and pay attention to the stats sheet.   That said, in what little I've watched this year, I think Yogi needs to be more of a point guard.  That means setting up others and getting them into the offense.  I distinctly recall one game this year where Yogi drove in, drew the defense, had a big man wide open for a lay-up and, instead, tried to shoot over their big man and had it blocked.  It was a perfect opportunity for a pass, assist, and engage your teammate in the offense that was missed.     Of course turnovers were the Achilles' Heel of this past team.  Yogi's assist/turnover ratio was 1.49.  That puts Yogi at number 231 in NCAA D1 players for this year.  231!  I'm sorry but NO team can be successful when their point guard ranks number 231 in assist to turnover ratio.  There is NO way that guy is getting the most from his teammates or improving their play.  (Morris at Iowa State was #1 at 4.79. How'd Iowa State do this year?)   I realize much more was asked of Yogi in the scoring department and he did deliver.  Yogi's field goal percentage was 41.3%, for 3 pointers it was 40.0%.  Not bad numbers but hardly stellar. He especially improved his 3 point shot. His shooting certainly won the Michigan game which I did see but in other games which we lost and where I saw only box scores it looked like he'd have been much more effective as a passer as his shooting percentages were quite dismal.    Anyway my point is this, if Yogi is to be a point guard that makes this team better he needs to play more like a point guard. That means setting up teammates and delivering them the ball in good position to score.  It means making that dish to your open teammate rather than trying to shoot over an opponent. (Even if you make that shot you STILL missed the opportunity to get your teammate involved in the offense!)  Perhaps with the new additions that will happen.  The lack of any viable big men will make getting those good looks from others much more important.  Yogi is the key.  IMHO if he continues to try to be more of a scorer than a playmaker the team will not improve.