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  1. Claxdj01

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    I agree with you. And traveling a day before to a 2-3 hour different time zone for basically every single road game..the greed of the big ten to expand coast to coast is just stupid. Just my opinion, I personally miss the conference alignments from circa 2000
  2. Claxdj01

    Shay Ciezki from Penn State to INDIANA

    Ciezki is going to be a great pickup. As much as I liked Sara and her game, she is an upgrade. Faster, more athletic, and better at creating her own shot and getting to the basket. And nearly as good of a shooter. As much of the Hoosiers have struggled against full court presses, a cmm and ciezki backcourt ought to be able them handle them better than in the past
  3. Claxdj01

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    Watching a little bit of Striplin highlights, looks to be a good add. Nice size, length, appears to move well. Has a really soft touch and nice looking jumper. Her stats aren’t the greatest, but perhaps underutilized and under coached at Tennessee, perhaps a fresh start will reap dividends
  4. Claxdj01

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    Getting more and more nervous.
  5. Claxdj01

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    Agree. If they want to continue being a top 3 conference team, top 15 national, host tournament games, and continue getting a crowd it is a must to get two really quality players. If they don’t do that attendance will dwindle as quick as it rose, and after adding quality programs to the big ten will be mid pack in the conference. This is a big portal and a big year.
  6. Claxdj01

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    Thank you. Just discovered this board, glad to be here. I turned on an Iowa- iu women’s game in 22 and been hooked ever since. Been to several games the last years really enjoy it.
  7. Claxdj01

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    I absolutely hope we can get a dynamic, scoring guard and a quality post player. Just two of the more top tier portal players. If we can do those two things we can keep right on trucking, because I think Lemondola and Beaumont can contribute. They need a longer leash play terrified they will be benched. Moren has us on the cusp of rising a level and being one of those consistent final 4 teams, but needs better and more ready recruits to contribute early. With the lack of media attention they get, it makes it more difficult to get the 5 stars. I find it embarrassing how little the regional media in the state promotes iuwbb. National media completely ignores it. They report on every single transfer portal player Woodson even speaks to, and he will probably lose all of them. Moren needs to bring in just a little and reload. Love going to iuwbb games. I’m scared that as soon as there’s a down year, the little attention they get local, regional, and nationally along with attendance at the games, and just fall to obscurity