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    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    I don't know. Maybe I've been scarred from the coaching search the last time, but I would think the optics would be the exact opposite to the coaching community, and to the general public. "Look, IU just offered up a wheelbarrow full of money to someone who grew up an IU fan and once called this his 'dream job', and he turned them down. There's something wrong there." Not saying that's my opinion, but what I fear if he politely declines to stay where he is, we'll be dealing with some major egg on our face. That's why it's got to work out. Brad **** Stevens!!!
  2. Hoosier Hacker

    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    First off, I really appreciate the insider info you've been providing (this has been a lot of fun following), and in saying this I'm not directing it at you as much as I am the sources who phrased it to you this way, but: how would IU making a strong offer for Brad to consider be anywhere close to a "done deal"? If true, we should all at the very least take heart that our new AD is not messing around, but this sounds like it should've been portrayed more as "well, we've done what we can do, let's see what he decides to do". Even if the offer was equal to what the Stevens camp said would make them listen, that's still not what I would feel like calling a done deal. If you can, could you elaborate more on what makes your sources and yourself more confident?