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  1. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Because nobody is allowed to evolve and improve as a human being over a 20 year period! Give me a break holy one.
  2. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Anyone else feel like they're at the prom without a date?
  3. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Can we take anything away from all of these guys entering the transfer portal (Geronimo just entered). I know Dolson is talking to them prior to entering. If we were close to having a coach in place, wouldn't Dolson say, "Just wait a day or two and give the coach a chance before you enter".
  4. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Anyone who spends the first 35 years of their life in Indiana and then moves to Boston and declares themselves a “Masshole” can kick rocks and shouldn’t be the head coach at IU. Let’s go find a better coach for IU.
  5. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Vegas Odds: Belein +300 S. Drew +350 C. Beard +500 Alford +700 Altman +900 T. Matta +1200 D. Fife +1400 E. Musselman +1500 P. Moser +1700 N. Oats +2000 M. Pope +2500 Rick Pitino +3000 M. Few +4000 B. Stevens +5000 A lot of these are easy to cross off. Goodman reporting Alford will not be considered. Oats already saying he is not interested. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Belein (fits the style of play Dolson talked about), Fife and Stevens. Where are you placing your bets?