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  1. Go_Hoosiers

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    Don't like that - don't like that one bit.
  2. Duke isn't just going to fall into the abyss when K retires. They have a lot of huge advantages which are going to keep them rolling for years to come. Prestigious school, NBA alumni and a great home environment. I like our odds against the rest of the schools on this list.
  3. Go_Hoosiers

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    1. TJD - Considered putting Johnson at 1, but TJD does a great job staying out of foul trouble 2. Johnson 3. Thompson 4. Stewart 5. Kopp 6. Bates 7. Lander 8. Geronimo 9. Phinisee 10. Durr 11. Duncomb 12. Leal 13. Galloway
  4. If Durr becomes a serviceable role player at IU for two years, his life will change. If he starts at USF for 4 years and then plays professional basketball overseas for 5-6 years - after that he is scrolling the classifieds for job postings like the rest of us. If he is a serviceable big man for IU for 2 years - the largest alumni base in the country will have his back.
  5. He would have been our best free throw shooter last year (of anyone with 10+ attempts). 79% from the free throw line.
  6. In my mind, this is all about Dickinson and Edey (and any other huge big ten centers). You can't ask Trayce to guard these guys for 30 minutes a game. We need someone who can give us 10-15 mins on these guys. Durr will do that. If he doesn't work out this year, he won't be back for a second year. No downside here.
  7. Go_Hoosiers

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Stevens is more likely to be thinking about what is going on with Boston College hoops now. Don't forget - he is not a hoosier. He is a masshole.
  8. Go_Hoosiers

    Big Ten Arena Poll

    I love Assembly Hall and do not want a new arena - but there are only 8,000 good seats in that place. If you're up in the balcony or in the last 15 rows on the main level, your view of the game isn't going to be very good. That being said, you still get the atmosphere. On the other hand, there isn't a bad seat at Mackey. Whoever said, Mackey was designed by an engineer and Assembly Hall was designed by a musician was right.
  9. Go_Hoosiers

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    He can’t shoot and he’s overrated defensively.
  10. Go_Hoosiers

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I have no idea. I've hardly seen him play. Just pointing out he is a great kid and that my father and brother thought he could have played a role IU really needed over the last 4 years.
  11. Go_Hoosiers

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I am from Warsaw (just like Mangas). My father and brother have been telling me for 4 years - IU could REALLY use a guy like Kyle Mangas. I am pretty sure his brother is at IU and as was stated previously in the thread he is an IU fan. There is absolutely no downside to getting this kid because he would be a great locker room guy even if he played 0 minutes.
  12. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Because nobody is allowed to evolve and improve as a human being over a 20 year period! Give me a break holy one.
  13. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Anyone else feel like they're at the prom without a date?
  14. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Can we take anything away from all of these guys entering the transfer portal (Geronimo just entered). I know Dolson is talking to them prior to entering. If we were close to having a coach in place, wouldn't Dolson say, "Just wait a day or two and give the coach a chance before you enter".
  15. Go_Hoosiers

    General New Coach News

    Anyone who spends the first 35 years of their life in Indiana and then moves to Boston and declares themselves a “Masshole” can kick rocks and shouldn’t be the head coach at IU. Let’s go find a better coach for IU.