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  1. Cheaney2002

    Getting Rid of Cable...maybe

    Hulu is $45 and there's no AMC. Also no fast forwarding through commercials.
  2. Cheaney2002

    Romeo Langford - Boston Celtics

    He didn't play against Duke or UK. We destroyed UK and probably should've beaten Duke.
  3. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    That would be offset by what he earns at his next gig. Crean is earning 3.5M at GA so Archies buyout would in all likelihood be near zero.
  4. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Cora Breckenridge?
  5. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Correct on everything except Beileins buyout being an issue. That was never an issue. That entire screw up was 100% Adam Herberts doing for political reasons. In fact I'm pretty sure Beilein paid all of his buyout to WVU out of his own pocket when UM hired him.
  6. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Roshown McLeod was essentially recruiting for Duke despite being an IU assistant. He played at Duke. He was fired by IU shortly after.
  7. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Creans assistant Mccleod told Kyrie he should go to Duke.
  8. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    I can just promise you that as long as the three stooges are calling the shots, Glass, Mcrobbie, and Shoulders, no good changes will ever be made. Our problems are a lot deeper than Archie.
  9. On Rupp Rafters they are now hoping for the entire Tennessee team to get AIDS. I'm not kidding.
  10. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Glass didn't hire Crean.
  11. Cheaney2002

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Crean was obviously a bad hire but given the state of the program I'm not sure we could've done much better. The problem was Fred keeping him way too long and making a very risky hire when sure things like Bennett and Marshall were available. Given that we've been irrelevant for 20 years now was not the time to gamble on a hire. I agree Fred needs to go immediately.
  12. I just don't like what I saw on Rivals. Cal and Ed being beasties apparently. Maybe Kyrie Irving yet again. I still think Archie will find a shooter in the grad transfer market which is a bigger need.
  13. We're we expected to land Keion? Seems like total meltdown over here.