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  1. Takes after Dale. Like father like son.
  2. Has there been any movement on the Vegas odds? Has anyone here placed a bet?
  3. Doctor Jones

    College Football Thread

    Time will tell if this is a good move. Last time they hired a blue blood cast off it didn't end well for KU (1-18 Big 12 record).
  4. Doctor Jones

    Summer of 2018

    The Fire Alarm Strobe behind Jake on the wall is required to be mounted at a minimum of 80" to the center of the lens above the finished floor per ADA but no higher than 96" So looks like he is somewhere between 6'-4" and 7'-6".
  5. Doctor Jones

    #IHSAA Boys/Girls State Tournament

    Damon Vs. Pat Graham in the early 90's
  6. Doctor Jones

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    When I was a student at FC in the Early '80s the Super Hick Logo was brought back. I recall we had Super Hick shirts that we wore to the games. Seems like we won the Seymour Regional almost every year I was a student.
  7. I think they still have troughs in service at 16th and Georgetown.
  8. Doctor Jones

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    Ever get invited to one of his backyard barbecues?
  9. Doctor Jones

    Purdue at IU Game Thread

    He could be a butler.
  10. Doctor Jones

    (2018) TE T.J. Ivy to IU

    What does this mean for Hendershot?
  11. His first year was surprising, but then he had 3 straight NFL starting quarterbacks to keep things going. IU has had a few decent QB's but they all had/have flaws or injuries. I think this position is what has kept the Hoosiers from having multiple 8+ win seasons in their recent history. I think If IU can get a good QB and keep him on the field the wins will come.